These days, many people — young and old — are experiencing a career-life crisis, asking: ‘What do I do when I realize my dream job isn’t so wonderful after all?’


Not long after Christine Hassler, 33 years old, of Los Angeles landed a prestigious and lucrative job as a Hollywood agent, she found herself arriving at work with knots in her stomach and counting the minutes until the weekend.

今年33岁、来自洛杉矶的克里斯汀•哈斯勒(Christine Hassler)在一家好莱坞(Hollywood)代理机构谋得一份令人羡慕、报酬丰厚的职位。但是不久之后,她就发现自己每次来上班的时候总是充满不安,上班后分分秒秒都在盼望周末快点到来。

‘I didn’t like the job, and I didn’t like the person I was becoming while doing it — stressed out, irritable and unmotivated,’she says.


Recognize the Impact


Securing a position in your most desired field is a major achievement, and when the day-to-day work doesn’t turn out to be as great as you thought it would be, it’s normal to feel depressed, disappointed and confused.


You may feel powerless to make a decision, and this state of limbo can cause you to experience physical symptoms like insomnia, malaise and stomachaches.