Part IV Error Correction (15 minutes)
Every week hundreds of CVs(简历) land on our desks.
We’ve seen it all: CVs printed on pink paper, CVs that are 10
pages long and CVs with silly mistakes in first paragraph. A S1 _____________
good CV is your passport to an interview and ,ultimate , to S2______________
the job you want Initial impressions are vital, and a badly presented CV
could mean acceptance, regardless of what’s in it. S3______________
Here are a few ways to avoid end up on the reject pile. S4______________
Print your CV on good-quality white paper.
CVs with flowery backgrounds or pink paper will
stand out upon all the wrong reasons S5_______________
Get someone to check for spelling and grammatical
errors, because a spell-checker will pick up every S6_______________
mistake. CVs with errors will be rejected-it shows
that you don’t pay attention to detail.
Restrict your self to one or two pages, and
listing any publications or referees on a separate sheet. S7_______________
If you are sending your CV electronically, check the
formatting by sending it to yourself first. keep up S8______________
the format simple.
Do not send a photo unless specifically requested. If
you have to send on ,make sure it is one taking in a S9_____________
professional setting, rather than a holiday snap.
Getting the presentation right is just the first step. What
about the content? The Rule here is to keep it factual and
Truthful-exaggerations usually get find out. And remember S10____________
to tailor your CV to each different job.

Part V Writing (30minutes)
Direction For this part ,you are allowed 30 minutes to write a letter to a company declining a job offer, You should write at least 150 words following the outline given below
A Letter Declining a Job Offer