Part III Vocabulary (20minutes)
41. It seems somewhat ___________ to expect anyone to drive 3 hours just for a 20-minute meeting.
A) eccentric B) impossible C) absurd D) unique
42. This area of the park has been specially __________ for children, but accompanying adults are also welcome.
A) inaugurated B) designated C) entitled D) delegated
43. The girl’s face __________ with embarrassment during the interview when she couldn’t answer the tough question.
A) beamed B) dazzled C) radiated D) flushed
44. Slavery was __________ in Canada in 1833, and Canadian authorities encouraged the slaves, who escaped from America, to settle on its vast virgin land
A) diluted B) dissipated C) abolished D) resigned
45. Unfortunately, the new edition of dictionary is __________ in all major bookshops.
A) out of reach B) out of stock C) out of business D) out of season
46. The hands on my alarm clock are __________, so I can see what time it is in the dark.
A) exotic B) gorgeous C) luminous D) spectacular
47. Psychologists have done extensive studies on how well patients __________ with doctors’ orders.
A) comply B) correspond C) interfere D) interact
48. In today’s class, the students were asked to __their mistakes on the exam paper and put in their possible corrections.
A) cancel B) omit C)extinguish D)erase
49. The Government’s policies will come under close __ in the weeks before the election.
A) appreciation B) specification C)scrutiny D)apprehension
50. Police and villagers unanimously __the forest fire to thunder and lightning.
A) ascribed B) approached C)confirmed D)confined
51. In some remote places there are still very poor people who can’t afford to live in __conditions.
A) gracious B) decent C)honorable D)positive
52. Since our knowledge is __ none of us can exclude the possibility of being wrong.
A) controlled B )restrained C)finite D)delicate
53. You shouldn’t __your father’s instructions. Anyway he is an experienced teacher.
A) deduce B) deliberate C)defy  D)denounce
54. The company management attempted to __information that was not favorable to them, but it was all in vain.
A) suppress B) supplement C)concentrate D)Plug
55. It is my hope that everyone in this class should __ their errors before it is too late.
A) refute B) exclude C)expel D)rectify
56. The boy’s foolish question __his mother who was busy with housework and had no interest in talking.
A) Intrigued B) fascinated C) irritated D)stimulated
57. Millions of people around the world have some type of physical, mental, or emotional __ that severely limits their abilities to manage their daily activities.
A) scandal B) misfortune C)deficit D)handicap
58. It is believed that the feeding patterns parents __ on their children can determine their adolescent and adult eating habits.
A) compel B) impose C)evoke  D)necessitate
59.If the value-added tax were done away with, it would act as a __ to consumption.
A) progression B) prime C)stability D)stimulus
60. The bride and groom promised to __ each other through sickness and health.
A) nourish B) nominate C)roster D)cherish
61. They’re going to build a big office block on that __ piece of land.
A) void B) vacant C)blank D)shallow
62. Without any hesitation, she took off her shoes, __up her skirt and splashed across the stream.
A) tucked B) revolved C)twisted D)curled
63.Very few people could understand his lecture because the subject was very __.
A) faint B) obscure C)gloomy D)indefinite
64. Professor Smith explained the movement of light__ that of water.
A) by analogy with B) by virtue of C)in line with D)in terms of
65. Tom is bankrupt now. He is desperate because all his efforts __ failure.
A) tumbled to B) hinged upon C)inflicted on D)culminated in
66. While fashion is thought of usually __ clothing, it is important to realize that it covers a much wider domain.
A) in relation to B) in proportion to C)by means of D)on behalf of
67. The meaning of the sentence is __; you can interpret it in several ways.
A) skeptical B) intelligible C)ambiguous D)exclusive
68. Cancer is a group of diseases in which there is uncontrolled and disordered growth of __ cells.
A) irrelevant B) inferior C)controversial D)abnormal
69.At that time, the economy was still undergoing a __,and job offers were hard to get.
A) concession B) supervision C)recession D)deviation
70.I could hear nothing but the roar of the airplane engines which __all other sounds.
A) overturned B) drowned C)deafened D)smoothed