If we all worked a four-day week – and enjoyed a Bank Holiday-style three-day weekend – every week, the world might be a better place.

We’d be healthier, happier – and probably not that much worse off, according to a City University Sociology expert writing for The Conversation.
“我们会因此更健康快乐,并且不至于让情况变得更糟糕。”——来自城市大学的社会学专家在接受The Conversation网站的采访的时候表示。

An experiment in Utah in 2007 saw state employees working a four-day week with extended hours – and the state saw a reduction of 12,000 tons of CO2 per year.

A Swedish study found that workers on reduced hours were happier – and, in some cases, more productive.

Alex Williams of City University London says, ‘There would be other benefits too. Working less would improve the elusive “work/life balance”, and help to restore our mental health and physical well-being.
来自英国伦敦城市大学的Alex Williams表示:“4天工作制的好处可能还不止这些。减少工作时间也许还能改善工作与生活的平衡,恢复身心健康。”

‘It would also give us more time to spend on social activities, to care for children and the elderly, and to engage with our communities. Experiments with reduced working hours at select workplaces in Sweden in 2015 reduced sickness and even increased productivity.“

‘Directing gains in economic efficiency towards increased free time and reduced energy consumption, rather than making more stuff, could create a better and more environmentally safe world.’