11. Go for practical over cute.
11. 追求实用而不是外观

You’re not going to need several pairs of shoes; always pack comfortable walking/adventure shoes. Pack light, because you’ll likely repeat outfits (and depending on the length of your trip, you can do laundry while traveling). Choose a practical day-pack with zippers and pockets so you can store everything safely over a nice purse or bag. And pack travel-sized, must-need toiletries so you can throw them out or leave them there.

12. Ziploc bags are your friends.
12. 密封塑胶袋是你的好朋友

For your toiletries; for saving stubs and tickets; for securing your phone when you randomly go hiking in the rain.

13. Pack a lock.
13. 打包一个锁

Just do it.

14. Bring a deck of cards and a good book.
14. 带一副牌和一本好书

Cards are a great way to break the ice with other travelers. A good book is great company at cafes, solo meals and on a bench with a spectacular view.


Making The Most Of Your Trip

15. Keep a journal.
15. 写日记

Journaling is a great way to jot down adventures, but it’s also a good for exploring feelings and thoughts of loneliness, awkwardness and fear. At the very least, always journal on the flight to your trip, and on the flight back home. It’s incredible to see the difference in your mindset.

16. Look into local walking tours and hostel events.
16. 观察当地徒步旅行以及住宿情况

Walking tours are a free and fun way to see the city and meet people. Most hostels host events like community dinners and pub crawls so travelers can meet each other, and a lot of them also have community boards with other travelers looking for company on random day trips.

17. Wander aimlessly.
17. 漫无目的的闲逛

Wandering without any time restraints is a wonderful way to see things you didn’t find on forums or in guidebooks.

18. And if you get lost, keep roaming.
18. 如果你迷路了,就继续闲逛

As long as you’re safe, if you feel a pang of being lost, keep roaming. There have been many times where I could have stopped, paralyzed with fear that I wouldn’t find my way, but as I kept roaming things started to look familiar or I’d meet someone willing to help me.

19. Remember: People are inherently kind.
19. 记住:人性本善

Talking to strangers can be a scary feat, but take that deck of cards and talk to that group of travelers. Hang out in common spaces in the hostel. Make eye contact, smile and be aware of how you’re presenting your friendliness. Initiate conversations when you have the slightest desire to do so. Go to that social event by yourself. In all my experiences of solo traveling, and in general of talking to strangers (something I’ve gotten good at), people are likely to be kind back to you, nine-out-of-10 times.

20. Talk to locals.
20. 和当地人交谈

I can’t stress this enough. Even if it’s the guy who works at the grocery store as you’re buying a bottle of water, ask locals for must-see spots and eats. They’ll give you tips you wouldn’t have been able to know of on your own. And ask locals about their stories ― how long have they been living here? How has the city changed after X event happened? You’ll directly learn so much about the history and culture of a place by talking to the people who live there.

21. Embrace the awkwardness and loneliness.
21. 直面尴尬和孤独

Don’t fight them off and don’t be upset when they (and they will) overwhelm you. They are critical and uncomfortable aspects of traveling alone, but they will teach you so much about yourself.

22. Trust yourself.
22. 相信自己

You are equipped with everything you need ― strength, intuition, a sense of adventure ― to make this trip everything it should be for you.