Extroverts aren't the only people who succeed in life. Not by a long shot.

As Larry Kim pointed out in a column about the power of introverts, "Twentieth-century Americans were bottle-fed on the importance of needing to 'prove themselves.' Extroverts, with their brash and gregarious manner, were the golden children."

Extroversion-or being outgoing-is a widely sought-after trait in both personal and professional lives. Contrary to popular belief, however, it definitely isn't the only way to succeed. Here, in fact, are 5 ways in which introverts excel-both at home and in the workplace.

1. They listen
1. 他们会倾听

While the gift of gab is good for preventing awkward silences in social settings, listening is every bit as important as talking-perhaps even more. It's amazing how much we can speak without really hearing what the other person is saying. Introverts have the underrated ability to sit down, pay attention, and actually remember what others tell them.

2. They reflect
2. 他们会反思

Having some quiet time allows us to think back on things we could potentially improve or have done better. When we're constantly projecting outwards, we forget to look internally, even though reflecting is the only way we actually recognize our past mistakes and grow from them to be better people.

3. They remain calm
3. 他们保持冷静

Even if only in appearance, introverts have the ability to exert extreme control over their emotions. Maintaining calm in the face of emotionally demanding situations shows that they are well prepared for whatever may come, which is a valuable asset regardless of the environment.

4. They are humble
4. 他们很谦逊

Quiet humility is, almost inarguably, one of the most powerful things someone can have. Confidence that doesn't need to be excessively touted is very appealing to employers and friends. People love to surround themselves with those who exude positive energy. If you're an introvert, chances are you've already learned how to channel your inner confidence to beam subtly; your humility has no problem shining through.

5. They make meaningful connections
5. 他们建立有意义的联系

When we make less small talk, we speak a lot more about things that actually matter. Digging beneath the superficial is how we achieve true intimacy-and what's better than forging a relationship with someone who will actually be there for you when life doesn't go as planned?