Whether you’re working in a cubicle or corner office, your workspace is a reflection of your personality and your work style. Is there a correlation between the objects on your desk and the type of worker you are? We think so. Take a look to see which one of these workers you relate to.

The Minimalist 极简主义者

The Minimalist

Less is more, and that’s how the Minimalist lives and works. This worker is practically a ghost, taking long lunches, ignoring emails, and working in a space so bare that everyone forgets who works there.

Telltale Signs: Mostly empty workspace, with only a computer, keyboard, and mouse – no décor, no pencils, and no signs of life.

Work Style: The Minimalist is a fan of doing the bare minimum at all times, which applies to everything from communication to performance. The Minimalist is known for last – minute reports, silence during meetings, and dirty dishes left in the office sink.

The Hoarder囤积型

The Hoarder

The Hoarder’s workspace is on the verge of being condemned. This worker wants everything in the office, whether it’s another project or the last cup of coffee. On the upside, the Hoarder can survive any apocalypse, thanks to a stockpiled cubicle.

Telltale Signs: Sky-high paper stacks, overstuffed drawers, rubber-band balls, old take-out receipts, half-filled coffee mugs, and meeting notes from 10 years ago.

Work Style: The Hoarder wants a hand in everything, constantly contributing unsolicited opinions and volunteering for every committee (as president, of course). The Hoarder is known for writing novel-length emails, storing lots of leftovers in the office fridge,and scolding others for throwing away broken keyboard mice.

The Documentarian 纪实型

The Documentarian

The Documentarian’s workspace is a shrine honoring every life event. This worker loves to preserve memories, but don’t get on his or her bad side – or cut in line at the copier. (Remember: The Documentarian never forgets.)

Telltale Signs: Tons of photos, cards, knick-knacks, school diplomas, child art, and awards.

Work Style: The Documentarian is a team player who considers even a business lunch to be a cherished memory. This worker is happy to help out on any project and always remembers the receptionist’s birthday. The Documentarian is known for handing out triple copies of every document, emailing cat videos, and telling endless anecdotes about recent vacations taken.

The Techie 技术迷

The Techie

No matter what the job, the Techie is equipped with every piece of technology invented to “increase productivity” (also, do the job for them). The Techie’s workspace looks impressive. His or her quarterly results? Not so much.

Telltale Signs: Sharper Image astronaut pen, multiple LCD computer monitors, and an abundance of gadget chargers.

Work Style: The Techie is never available to help out because this worker is too busy video-conferencing, “optimizing” workflow documents, or secretly playing video games. The Techie is known for using lots of buzzwords in meetings, creating impressive Powerpoint presentations, and complaining about the lack of Wi-Fi in the bathroom.

The Sickie体弱多病型

The Sickie

The Sickie is a decent worker – when he or she actually shows up. This delicate flower takes more sick days than anyone else in the office, thanks to allergies, food poisoning, or whatever new epidemic is making headlines. The Sickie workspace is a quarantined environment, and you’ll be reminded every time you pass by.

Tellale Signs: Ergonomic chair, keyboard, and mouse, gallons of hand sanitizer; multiple air purifiers; and a lifetime supply of tissues.

Work Style: The Sickie can mostly handle the workload, but not if he or she has recently encountered dairy, scented soap, polyester, and possibly water. The Sickie is known for posting reminders about hand washing, stocking the office first-aid kit, and providing too much information about his or her latest illness to anyone nearby.

The Zen Master禅宗大师型

The Zen Master

The Zen Master is a calming presence in the office, with a desk that’s more of a spa than a workspace. But that positive vibe isn’t always productive, like when the Zen Master’s “focus on the present” vibe conflicts with your big presentation tomorrow.

Telltale Signs: An abundance of plants, tabletop Zen garden and fountain, goldfish, and inspirational posters.

Work Style: The Zen Master is an eternal optimist, giving positive feedback and green-lighting everyone’s ideas. But this laid-back personality doesn’t take deadlines very seriously – unless it’s to sign up for the company retreat. The Zen Master is known for emailing everyone inspirational stories, walking around barefoot, and organizing lunchtime yoga.


So, are there any signs of those types of you? No matter what type you are, keep it in mind that focus on your strengths and make up for the short.