You can see slow, gradual, and nonstop progress in 2016, Aries. Don't doubt yourself or your success rate. Focus on what you love and why you love doing it. No matter what happens, keep going forward.

February and March could be chaotic, with the needs of others complicating your own plans. Meet your own obligations and don't be lured into making emotional decisions. When it comes to money, look at the numbers.

Money flow should be steady if not fast. Think twice before spending a lot in September.

Make time to deal with financial or real estate matters in November or December. An issue might take time to resolve, but with attention and care you can see big benefits. 2016 is a solid year for you money-wise!


If you saw a career change last year, your work situation should solidify now. Regardless, 2016 has opportunities for more stability in work and finances.

Make lucky breaks for yourself simply by persisting, by showing up when others are less reliable, and by having your good work recognized more often. You will be in the limelight in the workplace throughout 2016. Do your best and shine.

Make necessary improvements at home and proudly invite co-workers and others to your home if the occasion arises. This is most likely to happen in autumn, when Jupiter and the Lunar North Node may bring you an unprecedented opportunity.

An event in late August may set in motion an opportunity that will finally open a door for you in December. Be willing to take on more important work and you can acquire more authority and profit in the coming year.


2016 is a great time to firm up you position, Gemini, and to get some real staying power in your work situation or career slot. You have energy and good standing now, so think twice about making any major changes or shifts. If you have recently changed careers or occupations, you can set down deep roots now.

The Mercury retrograde in late April and May can actually be very grounding for you and set you up for a financially stable, solid year.

There may be many things you'd like to have, places you'd like to go, and things you'd like do, but hold off on the big ticket items for now. Numerous smaller expenses could be easily handled and bring just as much satisfaction, especially in November and December.


[en]2016 can be your year to see abundance and an accumulation of prestige and - yes - even money, Cancer. Keep your sights and efforts high and your expectations reasonable, then see what develops.


Your extra ration of charm will attract opportunities and improve networking. People value you and want to work with you. Business relationships will be clear-cut and mutually satisfying. Make some new connections in the first few months and let them grow stronger as you all succeed.

If February and March require more spending, you can keep it within reason. By August and September, earnings may have increased to more than offset those costs.

Become more fiscally cautious as the year approaches its end and you'll be more solidly in the black going into 2017.


In 2016, the most profitable occupations will probably involve the more mundane, less glamorous work, Leo. This does not mean menial or demeaning. It just means less showy and flashy.

An unexpected (and maybe big) opportunity in January could come to you, but don't immediately pounce on it. Mercury is retrograde in an Earth Sign, so give the situation time to show its true colors. Ask questions in 2016, and don't settle for half-answers.

In August you may redefine, career-wise, what you want to do - or how. Take action after the conclusion of the Mercury retrograde period in late September. Money and recognition may increase for you then, too. Be patient, wise, and you'll be successful. Jupiter is on your side.

Be more ambitious and practical in November and December. Finish the year on very firm footing and at a higher financial level.


You are your own best resource in 2016, Virgo, so keep self-confidence strong and personal ambition high. There's no end or limit to practical ideas or to the opportunities that you will spot that others will overlook. You can make some lucky breaks for yourself, too, especially in the spring.

If job hunting or making career changes, think big and consider bigger organizations or companies, too. Nonprofit entities could offer openings, too. You communicate clearly and can be impressive to a large group or one-on-one. Be willing to consider communication fields or positions with a lot of in-person contact.

Money prospects are good all year, so long as you don't overspend, especially in the late summer.

Be at your most financially solid place in November and December when Mars gives you energy and ambition and Saturn gives you patience, responsibility, and staying power.