Concept Definitions(一)


In a nutshell:Passionate,early users of new technology or products who understand its value before mainstream markets.Acquiring early adopters is important to jumpstart product adoption.Geoffrey Moore,in this 1992 book Crossing the Chasm adapted and popularized the concept of the “Technology Life Cycle Adoption Curve”,whereby technology is adopted in five phases categorized by the type of buyer:

·Innovators-aggressively pursue new technology,often out of pure interest in technology.
·Early adopters-are the first to pursue technology for its intrinsic benefits.
·Early majority-rely on benefits of new technology,but will wait for others to work out the kinks.
·Late majority-not interested in technology perse;waits for established leader to emerge,buys de facto standard.
· Laggards-don’t want anything to do with technology;uses technology when it’s without knowledge of its existence.

The movement to each phase is hindered by a gap caused by the difference between a product’s requirements and the buying habits of customers from the subsequent phase.
Early adopters are important to startup companies because they:

·Seek out new technology to solve their(or other companies’)problems,not just for the sake of owning the newest technology.
·Don’t rely on references from others to make buying decisions.While they are influenced by other early adopters,their main concern is solving a known problem .
·Early adopters want to help you and (here is the best bit)want you to be successful.Early adoters enjoy opportunities that allow them to be heroes,by solving real problems.