From journalism to digital marketing to the finance or business fields, nearly every industry's hiring managers are clamoring for talent who know the golden rule: Content is king.

Having a comprehensive view on digital media, then, and being able to produce and disseminate such content — whether SEO-optimized blog posts, internationally aimed articles, or photo essays — is a huge advantage for job seekers across the board.

Whether you’re a recent graduate looking to further your education, a professional amid a career shift or a budding entrepreneur considering launching a startup, an advanced communication degree can help kick-start a long, lucrative career. Below, we’ve outlined three key career skills you’ll gain with a master's degree that can help you build a particularly enviable resume.

1.Digital-first communication skills
1. 数字为先的传媒沟通技能。

Being able to effectively communicate is perhaps the most valuable skill for the modern workplace; being able to do so in a digitally savvy manner is particularly impressive.?According to a 2014 study, the top four skills employers seek in new hires are oral and listening skills, followed by written communication and presentation skills.

Social media, which is a key marketing cornerstone for nearly any company, is another skill that many job seekers — particularly millennials who tend to be digital natives — may think they've perfected. Writing skills apply here too, and students pursuing a master's degree in most communication fields will learn the ropes regarding online brand management and much more.

For professionals lacking a few key elements when it comes to written and verbal skills, continued education may be the perfect way to fine-tune these sought-after strengths. With courses like visual storytelling and multimedia storytelling, students learn the ins and outs of communication skills that extend far beyond the classroom.

2.Ability to leverage interactive media/video expertise
2. 使用沟通媒体/视频通讯的专业能力

Entrepreneurs and innovators who learn to not only embrace, but also capitalize upon the new media landscape are already several steps ahead. Video and visual content is a crucial part of many brands’ marketing plans for 2015 and beyond. Even outside of media roles, possessing video skills can be a major boost to nearly any resume in a creative field.

For the creatively inclined, learning the fundamentals of visual journalism, documentary making, photography and more can provide insight into a wide spectrum of career options. In a media and brand landscape where storytelling is the trend of the hour, these skills will certainly provide a competitive advantage for any professional who can list them on a resume.

3.Knack for nurturing connections
3. 善于与他人打交道

The old mantra "it's not what you know, it's who you know" still rings true in the modern career path.In an increasingly globally focused, competitive career landscape, making and maintaining a carefully constructed web of professional connections is paramount. You never know where a dream job lead will come from: A communication studies class may be a doorway to a valuable mentor, or even a potential business partner. Graduate school is the ultimate time and place to learn and fine-tune the ability to effectively network, a skill that’s not only advantageous but also indispensable for any career.

These skills are huge advantages for candidates seeking full-time roles in a wide array of career paths — particularly media, marketing or communication. But they’re also valuable for entrepreneurs or anybody interested in launching a business. A good idea doesn't become a great business model without the right dose of communication acumen. Knowing how to effectively write, tell stories, nail the intricacies of visual content and market yourself is key — and an advanced degree may be the optimal way of not only gaining these skill sets, but also developing an invaluable professional network.




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