Do you keep getting fired? You say you don't have any idea why this keeps happening to you. It must be that all your ex-bosses were losers or that you just have bad luck, right? Hmmm. That's probably not it. If you can't keep a job, there's a good chance it's you, not your boss or misfortune. Most people get fired at some point in their careers, but those to whom this repeatedly happens can benefit from some self-examination.

Take an honest look at your behavior and ask yourself if you might be to blame for your repeated job loss. Only after you do this, can you take the actions necessary to change this pattern. 

Let's explore some things that may be causing you to keep getting fired:

1.You Aren't Doing Your Work Well
1. 你的工作完成得不好。

Do you take pride in your work or do you not care how it turns out? If you are more interested in simply completing a project than in doing it well, you may have just found the root of your problem. Most bosses do not want to pay employees whose work is poor. If your work is sloppy or if you make a lot of mistakes, you will have to change your ways.

2.You Are Unable to Perform Some Simple Tasks
2. 无法胜任简单的任务

Are there some tasks you don't know how to do? You may have the technical skills necessary to do your job quite well, but bosses expect their employees to be able to perform some simple tasks that keep workplaces humming along. For example, you should know proper telephone etiquette and how to write a professional email.

3.You Aren't Completing Work on Time
3. 无法准时完成任务

Do you find it difficult to stick to deadlines?

As they say, time is money. Employees who can't complete work as quickly as required cause problems for their employers. Is this your problem? You can solve it by improving your time management skills. Learn how to prioritize your work and delegate tasks to coworkers if you can.

4.You Don't Get Along With Your Coworkers
4. 你与同事们相处得不好。

Are you always getting into disagreements with your coworkers? When employees don't get along with one another, workplaces suffer. As workers become distracted from their work, productivity declines. Obviously this concerns employers who will want to weed out anyone responsible for the strife.

You don't have to love everyone with whom you work—you don't even have to like them all—but if you don't want to keep getting fired, try to have good working relationships.

5.You Have a Very Quick Temper
5. 你是一个急性子。

Do you get angry very easily? If you are unable to manage your anger at work, your boss is likely to see you as a liability. Unchecked anger can escalate into physical violence. According to the US Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA), each year almost 2 million Americans report they were victims of workplace violence. If you can't get your temper in check on your own, you may have to seek professional help.

6.You Have a Negative Attitude
6. 你的态度很消极。

Do you often complain about your job to your coworkers? Do you frequently talk about things you don't like about your employer or work environment? You may have just hit upon the reason you keep getting fired. While your complaints may be legitimate, employers don't like workplace negativity. It is highly contagious, spreading quickly from one employee to another. It is damaging to morale and can make productivity plummet. Rather than abiding by the motto "misery loves company," find ways to make improvements without bringing everyone else down.

7.You Are Unwilling to Take on Difficult Projects
7. 你不愿意承担困难的任务

Do you turn down an assignment if it looks too hard? Every time you do that, you are missing out on the opportunity to prove your value. Taking on difficult tasks allows you to show your bosses what you are capable of doing. It indicates you are motivated and willing to learn. You will, on occasion, have to say no to your boss, but don't do that unless you have a good reason. For example, you may have to decline an assignment if adding it to your already packed schedule will keep you from completing higher priority work.