Many people dream of a job where they can travel from place to place, whether it’s for a flying visit or an extended stay. Although most jobs involving travel aren’t as glamorous as most people think, they do give you the opportunity to see the world. Sometimes you might only see it for a few minutes, but you still get to see it. If you’ve always wanted to travel the globe, there are more options than you might think to achieve your goals. Whether you want a career change or you’re looking for your first proper job, try these industries for some ideas.


Logistics is essentially the practice of moving things around, so it’s no surprise that you can find jobs that will take you places. Driving a heavy goods vehicle is one of the roles that will take you all over the country, and perhaps all over the world. If you enjoy driving and being on your own, you might find that being a truck driver is just the thing for you. A lot of the places you see will be from the cab of a truck, but you’ll still get to experience new destinations.


A military career can take you to lots of places, and not necessarily just warzones. You might do a tour of somewhere dangerous, but you could equally be stationed somewhere perfectly safe. You could be assigned to a base halfway across the country or you could end up in another country altogether. From Germany to Japan, you could find yourself experiencing lots of new places. You won’t move too frequently though, so you’ll have time to settle into military apartments, get to know your neighbors and explore the local area.

Commercial Flights

Working for an airline is another excellent idea if you want to travel. You might stay overnight or even for a day or two somewhere while you’re working. But chances are you won’t do a whole lot of exploring while you work. But if you work as a flight attendant or perhaps even a pilot, you probably will get free or discounted flights to help you see more of the world.

Travel Agencies

Many people still use travel agencies to book their vacations, and working for one can help you travel. Companies often send their agents to experience the destinations they offer so that they can give an opinion on the area. You can enjoy the location for yourself and then recommend it to clients. It’s also a job a lot of people do from home with only an internet connection and a phone, so could be something to do while you travel too.

Travel Journalism

Although travel journalism is moving online, rather than sticking to books and magazines, it’s still popular. If you have writing or photography skills, they could be useful for working with a travel publication. However, remember that it can be less glamorous than at first glance. You often have little time to complete an assignment, and a lot of things to visit within that timeframe.

There are even more jobs for you to do if you want to get out and see the world. But if you want to have the freedom to do what you want, it’s best to leave the traveling for your spare time.