We’ve all heard about Japan’s extraordinary ‘capsule hotels,’ but photographer Won Kim’s intimate photos give us a personal look at another set of tight living quarters – a hidden hotel in Tokyo that was designed as a guesthouse for backpackers.
对于日本特有的“胶囊公寓”,我们都有所耳闻。而摄影师Won Kim拍摄的一组非常私人的照片以个人的角度展现了另外一处极度紧凑的生活区。这家隐蔽的旅馆位于东京,旅馆的主要客户也都是背包客。

Kim stumbled across the hotel when backpacking across Japan, and returned 2 years later to photograph it. He lived there for several months, befriending residents and photographing the small, womb-like spaces that they call home. The entire hotel is located on a single floor of an office building in north-east Tokyo. Some of the residents are short-term visitors while others, says kim, are essentially permanent residents.
Kim曾在日本背包旅行的时候,入驻了这家旅馆。两年后,他回来拍下了这组照片。他在旅馆里住了几个月,结识了那里的住客, 拍摄了那里如同子宫大小但被他们称为“家”的地方。整座旅馆坐落在东京东北区的办公楼,占了一整层。有一些住客是短期访客, 另一些则基本是长期住客了。

“For me, the real interest of the resulting portraits is in how each resident has made use of a such a small, confining space,” Kim writes. “In each case, the sharply-defined space and its contents tell something about its occupant’s personality, and his or her ability to function in such a strange, enclosed environment.”