Long flights. Jet lag. Bad coffee. Marathon meetings. Business travel can take a toll on your body. Not to mention the added stress of "being on" and representing your company at new business pitches, networking events and board meetings. How you deal with such kind of headaches? Here are a few tips for you.

Start in the airplane.

Move your ankles up and down, heel to toe, and in circles (both directions)

Squeeze your buttocks and then release

March in place by bringing you knees to chest

Push your shoulders back into the seat


Fit in exercises in the comfort of your hotel room.

Stand-up straight, eyes forward and balance on one leg to the count of 10, then balance on the other leg to the count of 10

Feet slightly apart, reach and look up towards the ceiling with your arms and eyes. Feel the stretch and take in a deep breath as you reach up

Starting with feet flat on the floor, go up and down on your toes 5 - 10 times

Do a series of 5 - 10 squats. Squat as far as you can comfortably go and then straighten back up

Just breathe.

Breathing techniques before an important presentation will help the voice sound confident and boost your energy level. Assume a comfortable position, either sitting or standing, and place your fingers lightly on the lower portion of your breast bone, just above your stomach. Then breathe in through your nose. . Count to 3 while you breathe in and to 6 when you breathe out. This will help you concentrate on the breathing and not on your nerves.

Say no to the fifth cup of coffee.

Try this instead. When your colleague says, "let's grab a coffee" suggest a walk instead. Walking is a wonderful way of getting exercise and removes you from distractions, not to mention drinking coffee sends you to the rest room more often. Conversations flow more freely and business gets accomplished.

推荐:咖啡真的会上瘾 3步戒掉其实很容易

Resist the urge to catch up on emails during quick breaks.

Business travel is time away from the desk and your emails. Let others know that you have limited access to your emails by setting up an automatic "out of office" email response. Schedule a time to check emails either before you arrive at the meeting or at the end of your day. During a meeting, focus your efforts on engaging in conversation and exchanging knowledge.

Time zone changes.

When traveling across time zones, assume a routine that matches, as closely as possible, to the one back home. Try to get the same amount of sleep, at the same time. Hotel rooms can be dry, so stay hydrated and avoid the restaurant size portions and fast food.