MOST people would say Andrew Smith has the best job in the world; being paid £56,000 to have as much fun as he possibly can.

The lucky employee uses his office hours to complete all sorts of daredevil stunts, including skydiving, driving with Top Gear star The Stig, hanging out with skateboard legend Tony Hawk and abseiling down the spectacular Blue Mountains in Australia.
这名幸运的受雇者可以利用自己所有的办公时间来完成各种各样的冒险特技,这些特技包括跳伞运动、同《Top Gear》节目中的神秘赛车手共同驾驶汽车、与滑板传奇人物托尼·霍克一起出游、甚至是沿绳索滑下澳大利亚壮观的蓝山山脉。

Mr Smith, from California, US, won a contest to become the "Chief Funster" for the state of New South Wales (NSW) in Australia.

He won the position as part of an event to promote the region and has so far racked up more than 480,000 moments of fun during his stint in the job.

His challenge is to show travellers how exciting NSW is as part of the Funster Experiment, and he must continue until he collects 802,000 fun moments – one for every square kilometre of the state.

Since he arrived in Australia in December, Andrew has completed more than half of the challenge, with feats such as: 187 high fives on the Sydney Harbour; mingling with 18,000 Elvii (the plural of Elvis) at the Parkes Elvis Festival; slipping down a 91-metre-long typhoon waterslide; and being chased by a massive pig at the Tamworth Country Music Festival.

Mr Smith has three months left in Oz, in which he will be packing in yet more fun tasks.

He said: "My schedule through to the end of June is jam-packed with great events and travel experiences.

"There's so much to do and see in NSW, the challenge isn't finding the fun, it's fitting all the fun into just six months."