1. Answer structure

Provide salary scale which is acceptable for you. Or answer that: I’d like to have the salary which matches my ability. Yet I’d also like to know the salary scale for this position.

Then explain that you will give the more specific number if you know work details.

2. Answer tips

• In any case, you should not answer this question right away because the salary you recommend can be too high or too low.

• Before answering, ask for description for the job; the goals, the difficulties and how to assess the working performance.

• You can also give the answer via email after the interview.

• Do not answer this question too generally or too safe, the interviewers like numbers. You can answer in a certain range, but you need the job requirements before giving the exact number.

3. Answer samples

1. I don’t care very much about salary. What means more to me is the policy and working environment the company is offering and supplying me with.
1. 我对工资并不是太看重。对我来讲,公司制度和工作环境更重要。

2. I look up to salary not to make ends meet, but to enjoy my life. I’m afraid I am not the one who only concerns about paying bills but not others. Therefore, when I look for a job, I expect a high consideration which suits my ability and goals.
2. 我希望自己的收入和支出不是刚好相抵,生活要舒适。而且,我不是一个只关心各种花销账单而不关心其它事情的人。因此,找工作的时候,我希望薪资可以高一些,符合我自己的能力以及目标。