If you’ve put in great work at your company, but there’s no next rung on the ladder in sight, you’re not alone.

Laura Poisson, a vice president at Boston-based career development firm ClearRock, offers these tips:

1. Contribute more directly to the company’s most significant strategic goals. The few promotions that are happening right now are happening, well, where the money is made. If you find yourself separate from that, ask to work on a project that puts you in a position where you can either make or save money for the business.
1. 更直接为公司最重要的战略目标做贡献。如今为数不多的晋升都发生在为公司带来利润的岗位。如果你发现自己和这些职位无关,就要求做能为公司赚钱或省钱的项目。

2. Explicitly discuss your career goals with your boss. This includes planning for who would take your place if you get promoted or switch positions. You may need to target a new candidate to mentor.
2. 开诚布公和老板讨论你的职业目标。这包括计划如果你得到晋升或跳槽时谁来代替你的位置。你可能需要指导新徒弟。

3. Figure out what you want. If a promotion is out of the picture for the time being, think about what else would keep you around—like flex time, more vacation days or additional training.
3. 找出你想要的。如果现在还没希望晋升,想想你还要什么——比如弹性工作时间、更多假期或额外培训。

4. Assess whether it’s worth it to stay. Maybe you’ve been telling yourself to wait it out because your company is a good place to work, but there are a lot of good places to work. Moving on could help give you a much-needed boost of confidence.
4. 评估公司是否值得你留下来。也许你一直告诉自己再等等,因为这是家不错的公司,但好公司何其多。换个环境可以给你需要的信心。