Think carefully how you take your caffeine in the morning – a choice between tea and coffee can determine your salary and popularity at work.

Employees who drink coffee are more likely to be hot-headed, argumentative and live on a knife-edge, researchers found.But they have bagged more pay rises over the last five years and earn on average £34,490 a year – £2,160 more than tea drinkers.

The poll by Zip HydroTap instant water heaters found that executives are more likely to prefer coffee, but tea drinkers were ‘the life and soul’ of the office.
这次由即开型热水器厂商Zip HydroTap组织的调查显示,更多的高管倾向于喝咖啡。但是喜欢喝茶的人往往成为公司的“活力源泉以及灵魂人物”。

And 84 percent of tea drinkers claim to be a team player compared to just 74 per cent of coffee fans.Fewer coffee drinkers said they were ‘very stressed’ - ten per cent compared with 12 per cent of tea drinkers – but coffee drinkers were more likely to be late for work, despite their caffeine fix.

Zip spokesman Nick Taylor said: 'Most workers need a cup of tea or coffee to get them through the day and most people could instantly define themselves as either a tea or coffee drinker.

The typical tea or coffee drinker has between three and four hot drinks everyday but tea lovers were more likely to combine a brew with a good gossip.Yet the average worker makes just one hot beverage for their team in a day and 72 per cent said they need a drink to ‘perk’ them up and stay motivated.

Tea drinkers dressed in a more casual and cool fashion around the office whereas coffee fans described their style as funky and edgy, the research showed.Those who favour a cuppa were more likely to drive in to work, whereas coffee fans were more likely to hop on the bus or train.

Nick Taylor, Sales Director for Zip Heaters UK, said: 'The research shows there is definitely office politics when it comes to doing the tea round. We have all been in the situation where we have a heavy work load and are getting hassled by team members to make a big round of tea.But it’s pretty harmless if it’s just playful office banter.'
Zip Heaters英国总部的销售总监Nick Taylor谈道:“这个研究表明,在茶歇中是绝对有办公室政治的。我们都有这样的经历,在繁忙的工作中,一个团队的同事因为喝什么而吵得不可开交。但只要这种争吵保持在办公室玩笑的范围以内,是没有什么大的坏处的。”