Apparently about half of employees say they ‘hate their boss’. But as I said the shoe could just as easily be on the other foot. If you don’t like your boss – maybe they don’t like you either.

Dr Susan Nicholson: Organisational psychologist and partner at Mentors Psychology has researched the ten things a boss hates about employees:

1. You’re unreliable

Missing deadlines, saying one thing doing another and has an excuse for everything – bosses hate that. They just want you to get the job done and on time.

2. You won’t fess up to mistakes

Blaming the other person or trying to cover mistakes up, instead of just owning up to it and working out how to fix it. This shows that someone is weak of character if they don’t take responsibility. Which ultimately is the ‘number one career killer’.

3. You gossip too much

On Facebook, Instant Messenger or at the coffee machine – it doesn’t matter how. Talking about people behind their back, stirring up trouble or undermining what the boss is setting out to achieve.

4. Nothing’s ever good enough for you

I call this one the black hat! They are going to rain on anyone’s parade just because they can. The employee who constantly gripes, points out that new ideas are destined to fail or sits in meetings scowling and smirking. Negativity is like a cancer – spreading and rotting what the positive people are achieving.

5. You hate change

How can you be a fast growth business – growing organically – without constantly challenging the status quo and doing things differently.  I could not imagine what it would be like to work with people who love to grumble, and criticize new ideas and processes.

6. You dress

A very sensitive subject. Very tricky to deal with. Talking about dress and appearance is really really hard for a boss – and quite frankly they should not have to. Remember dress (tribal wear) for your next promotion. If you want to be a marketing manager – dress like one – don’t dress like a uni student.

7. You’re always late

Tardiness, sick days or long lunches add up, and bosses notice – especially if you then lie about it. Don’t think your boss doesn’t notice if you are constantly cutting corners. Bosses don’t like people who appear to be doing the bare minimum. They want people who are not only productive but are coming up with ideas on how to do things better. If people are late to work, late to meetings, late back from lunch – it shows bosses that something else is way more important than their job.

8. You’re over-eager

The worst one of these is when the boss is copied in on every email that the employee writes. In the end this makes more work for the manager. The job of the employee is not to add to work load of the boss.

9. You run your personal life from your desk

Stealing time is as bad as stealing from the stationery cupboard. You might think it is only an hour here or there on eBay, Flickr and Youtube – but it really makes your co workers mad. Realising that your time is a scarce resource that you apply to the greater cause of your work place will give a whole new meaning to productivity.

10. You’re a bully

I have been bullied by an employee some years ago… and it is really very distressing. Officially business need to have an anti discrimination policy, but it is astounding to learn that more than a quarter of workers saying they have been bullied at work, and more than half say they have witnessed bullying in the workplace.

Bullying includes needless swearing in the office, making threats…bosses want happy peaceful teams, not dominating or passive aggressive ones

Next time you complain about your boss – spare a moment to think ‘I wonder what I’m doing to bother them?’. What goes around come around, and people who are liked are the one’s who get the promotions.