Shorten it to Bill, Bob, Marc or a Cindy, if you want to work in the executive suite.
如果在外企高层工作,就给自己取一个像Bill, Bob, Marc或者Cindy则会有的名字吧。

That’s the message from a new study by TheLadders, an online job matching site, which says every extra letter in a person’s first name may reduce her annual salary by $3,600.

Since short and sweet may equal a bigger salary, the Christophers of the world who want to raise their net worths may want to change their professional designation to Chris. That may work well for those who go from Michelle to Michele.

TheLadders tested 24 pairs of names—Steve and Stephen, Bill and William, and Sara and Sarah, and in all but one case those with shorter names earned higher pay. (The exception: Larry and Lawrence, where the longer moniker made more money.) Its research is based on finding a linear trend in data from 6 million members, with 3.4% of them in CEO or other C-level jobs.
网站对24对名字进行了检验,例如Steve和Stephen, Bill和William,Sara和Sarah,除去一个例外,其余均是较短的名字能获得更高的薪水(例外:Larry和Lawrence,叫后者的薪水较高。)该项研究基于对六百万参与者的线性趋势分析,其中3.4%的是CEO或其他高管级别。

It found that eight of the 10 top names for male C-suite jobs had three letters or fewer, and that that group earned on average 10% more than others in similar jobs. The most popular names: Bob, Lawrence and Bill.
研究显示对于高管级别的男士而言,80%的名字都仅有三个字母甚至更少。而这类人群相对其他而言,薪水高出约10%。其中最受欢迎的名字:Bob, Lawrence 和Bill.


For a CEO, going with a nickname may make you more approachable and “more human,” said John L. Cotton, a professor of management at Marquette University who has studied the perception of names in hiring. “They can be overly impressive, overly intimidating” and a nickname may reduce that.
对于CEO而言,有一个昵称会让你更加平易近人,更人性化一点。马卡特大学管理学教授 John L. Cotton对于雇佣者的姓名曾做过调查,“CEO会让人觉得很有气场,但也让人望而生畏”,不过一个昵称会减少这种不利因素。

In 2011, LinkedIn reported that American CEOs do often have short names, or nicknames like Peter, Jack or Tony. Elsewhere longer names landed the power position and paychecks: in Europe Wolfgang, Xavier and Charles were among top CEO names and Roberto and Rajiv made the final decisions in Brazil and India. TheLadders’ research is based on US members, though many of them come from all over the world, a spokeswoman said.
2011年,LinedIn报道美国的CEO名字普遍较短,比如Peter, Jack或者Tony.也有些长点的名字会出现在高层和支票上:比如欧洲的沃尔夫网,Xavier和Charles是最常见的CEO名字, 在巴西和印度,决策人往往都叫Roberto和Rajiv。发言人说尽管The Ladder的调查是基于美国人,但大部分也都是来自其他国家的。