If you just can't "get'cha head out of the High School Musical game," you're in luck. The first official poster for the franchise's next installment, High School Musical 3: Senior Year, has hit the 'net, and offers a tiny glimpse of the upcoming movie's look and feel.

While not much has been revealed about the third flick outside of the basic synopsis, a few things can be deduced (ahem, guessed) from this small piece of evidence:

1. All the main characters actually graduate. Otherwise, why would they all be in gowns?

2. Ashley Tisdale's character, Sharpay Evans, makes up for not having a prom date (bringing her brother might not be appropriate) by buying a pink sparkly gown for graduation.

3. There are no major social schisms — at least, none that aren't repaired before the show's final, group number — since they're all smiling together, mid-air, after surviving four years at East High.

We always knew that East High was a special place, with few of the problems that can plague real-life high school kids (acne, social awkwardness, pregnancy, dropping out form school and being ousted from a clique, just to name a few), but now it's confirmed: That school is magic.