American Horror Story Season 10 was set to return to FX later this year, but due to the coronavirus pandemic there's a chance that the horror anthology may be delayed.

However, that means that we only have more time to speculate about what Ryan Murphy has in store for us in this milestone season.

We've already had ghosts, aliens, evil Nazi doctors, freak show performers, killer clowns, more ghosts, more killer clowns, the literal apocalypse, and a cursed summer camp. But even after all this, AHS still finds ways to surprise us every single season.

As details are slowly emerging about what to expect in American Horror Story Season 10, we already know it's got a stellar cast in place and have gotten some clues about the theme.

Production has been delayed. Ryan Murphy revealed to USA Today that Season 10 of American Horror Story was supposed to begin filming the last week of March, but had been put on hold indefinitely due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The fact that AHS was supposed to be filming in the spring was a surprise to fans, leading some to suspect that Murphy was plotting a potential summer drop (maybe to make room for the mysterious secret season to air later in 2020), but there's little to no evidence to support this theory at this time.

It will likely premiere in fall 2020. Since its very first season, American Horror Story has always debuted in the fall. (It is spooky season, after all!)

It might feature a major Murder House crossover. On April 26, Murphy shared an image of Rubber Man on Instagram with the very cryptic caption "Coming soon..." The idea that Rubber Man may make an appearance in Season 10 is pretty surprising given that the iconic rubber suit just returned in Apocalypse.

However, since the upcoming season is a milestone one, it does make sense that Season 10 may pay homage to several different memorable moments and characters from the show's past.

And if Rubber Man does return, we still won't know who will be in the suit until the new episodes arrive, giving us yet another thing to speculate about!