What is the most simple thing that most people know that you had to explain to someone that did not know it?


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That women have periods no matter what country they're from.


Someone actually didn't know this. And no, it wasn't a 5-year-old boy. It came from a supposedly well-educated female classmate, that was 16 years old at that time.

She was hosting a German exchange student and couldn't understand why she'd laughed so much at her question: “Do girls have periods in Germany too?”

I had to explain to her why the girl had thought she was kidding and that geography wasn't a period determining factor.


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I couldn’t make this up.

A worker in my office made a copy of a document before faxing the document.

She was assuming that the original physical document itself was sent over the phone lines and she would therefore need to copy the original before sending it because the original would disappear from our fax, and reappear at the receiving fax.

But didn’t she notice the original when it reappeared in the output tray? No, she didn’t. She stacked the originals in the feeder tray, punched in the number and walked away.

Over the course of a week, or so, other workers noticed that the output tray was filling up with previously sent faxes. As a courtesy, they scooped them up and filed them away, assuming it was just an oversight or the sender was called away. Until someone noticed that the file folder had a copy of the original already in it.

That’s when the matter was brought to my attention. With a little eaves-dropping, we finally figured out who our very cautious sender was. That’s when I sent “the memo.”

Dear Everyone:

A quick housekeeping item for you. When sending a fax, please remember to retrieve the original document from the output bin so you may return it to the file. It is no longer necessary to make a file copy of the original. Thank you for your attention.

That did the trick. A few days later, the guilty worker appeared in my office to identify herself, express regret at her “stupidity,” and thank me for not having called her out specifically.

All’s well that end well.