What Is the Greatest Persuasion Tactic to Use?


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Awkward Silence.

When trying to persuade someone, you are basically negotiating with them. They are stuck in their ways, and you want them to do things your way.

In negotiations, you sometimes need to break someone down and get them to negotiate with you. Persuasion works the same way. You need to break them down and if you do that they will start considering what you say.Awkward silence does the trick. People do not like being uncomfortable. If you make someone feel uncomfortable, they will most likely speak up. When they do they will almost always ask a question. Once they do, the breakdown process begins.

I know this sounds crazy, but I use it all the time and it works.


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What is the greatest persuasion tactic to use?

Reciprocity is frighteningly persuasive. We are programmed to give something back to someone when they have given something to us. Sales people use this tactic all the time. That little free sample is not free. It tells our brain that we owe the person something in return. This sets up up to give something back which can be worth a lot more than the item which we received.

Here is an example:

You are sitting at lunch with an out of town client. The check arrives and you both reach for it. He gets to the check first and you say: “Let me pay for the meal”, and the client says: “No, I will pay for it and you can get it next time I am in town”.

Even though you appreciate it, something bothers you internally. A week later the client calls you for a favour that is not included in the contract that you would not normally say yes to, and you say yes without thinking of it because the reciprocity principle has set up unconsciously in your brain that you owe him something, and therefore you are compelled instinctually to do that.