What Is the Most Inappropriate Time You Have Ever Laughed?


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I have a habit of grinning in doctor's office and especially if they are giving me some bad news.

This behavior was still acceptable when i was a child, some found it cute, some thought I was too innocent to understand.

But now as an adult it gets really embarrassing. The doctor very seriously, is trying to explain something, and here I am grinning, pursing my lips to stop me from grinning, nodding furiously to show that I totally understand and getting red thinking how stupid I must be looking to him. The doctor's sombre expressions​ change very quickly to astonishment and concern.

They almost always end up asking twice if I fully understand what they have just explained.


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My paternal grandfather passed away this time last year, and recently my uncle called my father to tell him that the tomb will be cleaned in a ceremony, and to ask if my father will be flying back to China to attend. My father, after some thought, said that when he dies, I should bring him back to the same tomb and bury him together with my grandfather. I replied, “Okay, when do you want to go back?”

My mother, who was listening nearby, nearly hyperventilates from laughing.

(I mean when do you want to go back to China to attend the ceremony!! Geez…)


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One time in college I took a poetry class.

During one class session, the instructor told a story. It was a very serious, true story that involved people dying.

The thing is, he had told that exact same story a few weeks earlier. All of the other students were attentive.

For some reason, this struck me as humorous: the retelling of the story, but everyone else attentive — and I had a difficult time restraining my laughter. I had to turn away. And being one of those times when you start laughing knowing that laughing is totally inappropriate, you start laughing at yourself and it just gets worse and worse.

It might have not been so bad if the class wasn’t twelve students seated around a conference table.