So you’ve put together a resume and cover letter and interviewed successfully, you may now be wondering what else you need to do for your internship to be successful. Getting hired is only the start; since before you know it the summer will be over, and you will want to know that you’ve done everything it takes to be a successful intern.

One of the major reasons that students do internships is to gain the relevant knowledge and skills it takes to get started in a particular career field.

More importantly the value of your internship includes the professional people you meet along the way that can serve you well once you begin your job search. You may have heard the old adage, “it’s not what you know but who you know that counts”. You may not believe it, but you will soon find out that networking with others can open doors for you that might be impossible for you to crack alone.

Helpful tips on how to make the most of your summer internship:

1. Be prepared to learn everything you can!
1. 做好学习的准备!

It’s guaranteed that you will feel incompetent and inexperienced at times, but just know that that’s ok and that’s what most people feel when they start any new endeavor. Just remember that it’s ok and even normal to experience these feelings, but don’t let it affect the quality of your work and how you deal with people both inside and outside of the organization. Internships are learning experiences so be sure to take advantage of your status to learn more and ask questions so that you can get the absolute most out of your internship.

2. Be punctual.
2. 守时。

Punctuality is a trait that can either endear you to your boss; or if you’re constantly late or don’t come in, it can be something that annoys the heck out of him or her and could even cost you your internship. Coming in each day a little early will show your boss that you are eager to come to work and that you want to get the most out of the experience that you can.

Being early might also have some perks by enabling you to meet with other employees when the environment is a little less hectic.

3. Take copious notes.
3. 多记笔记。

At the beginning of any new experience, there is always so much to learn. By taking notes you will be able to learn quickly and not keep asking the same questions. Although good supervisors usually welcome questions, asking the same questions over and over can be annoying while also taking a lot of the supervisor’s valuable time.

4. Find a mentor and meet with him/her regularly.
4. 寻找一位导师,多与他/她见面。

Having a mentor within the organization can take a lot of stress out of your internship. Look around within the organization to see which people seem knowledgeable and approachable and ask them if they would be willing to help guide you or be your mentor.  A good mentor can help show you the ropes much quicker that trying to navigate the job and the organization on your own.

5. Take initiative.
5. 主动请缨。

This can be your time to shine. Although this might take a great deal of your time, by doing a good job you will show your supervisor your capability which could lead to future responsibilities that you would welcome on the job. This is one way to steer away from being asked to do the mundane tasks that nobody wants to do while giving you some concrete experience to add to your resume.

Be sure to ask others if you can help; or if you realize that there's a project you'd like to take the lead on, check with your supervisor for the ok.

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