Dialogue 2

I: What's your expected salary?

I: 你希望的薪酬是多少?

A: I expect to be paid according to my abilities.

A: 我希望根据我的能力支付薪酬。

I: How do you feel about an annual salary of 100,000 Yuan plus bonus?

I: 你认为每年10万元外加奖金如何?

A: That's a little less than I expected. But to me, the most important thing is the job and the people I will work with. Moreover, I am sure I will get a raise quickly depending on my background and experience.

A: 这比我期望的少一些,但对我来说,最重要的是这个工作以及将和我一起工作的人。而且,凭借我的背景和经验,我很快就能得到加薪的。

I: That sounds very reasonable.

I: 这样听起来很合理。

A: By the way, how long is my probation?

A: 顺便问一下,我的试用期多长?

I: Generally it is 6 months and during this period you are half-paid.

I: 一般来说是6个月,这段期间你只能拿到工资的一半。

Dialogue 3

I: How much do you expect to earn?

I: 你希望挣多少钱?

A: I think salary is closely related to the responsibilities of the job. Shall we discuss my responsibilities with your company first?

A: 我觉得工资是与工作的责任紧密相关的,我们能不能先谈我在贵公司需要承担的责任?

I: If you are hired, you are in charge of the design of toys that can meet the needs of the American market.

I: 如果你被录用,你将负责满足美国市场要求的玩具设计工作。

A: I know it is a crucial position, but I can do it well. So I'm asking for 200,000 Yuan a year as a starting salary.

A: 这是一个非常重要的职位,但我能做好,所以我要求一开始的年薪为20万元。

I: Ok.

I: 好吧。