What can you do if you're interested in a promotion and it doesn't appear that you're going to be automatically offered a new position by your manager? There are ways to request a promotion diplomatically and to enhance your candidacy for promotion. Here's how.
Tips and Advice on How to Get Promoted

Before you ask for that promotion, be sure that you're doing all the right things to help ensure that the answer will be positive.

Here are some of the factors employers consider when evaluation employees for promotion.

Do a Great Job. How you perform in your current position is going to be important when you're considered for a promotion. Excellent performance reviews and your reputation as an above-average employee will carry a lot of weight when the company is making staffing decisions.

Be a Team Player. Volunteer to help with new projects in the office. Volunteer for committees or task forces. Offer to help your boss and co-workers whenever time permits. You'll be known as a team player and an individual that colleagues want to work with. Check out this list of teamwork skills to get an idea of what employers are looking for.
Don't Miss Work. Be on time for work and don't take more time off than you are allocated. If you're known as a sloucher and someone who misses more work than is appropriate, it will be held against you.
Network and Get Noticed. Attend company parties and gatherings. The more connected and engaged you are with your colleagues, the more they will know about you and the more you'll stand out when it comes time to consider you for promotion. Managers are more likely to promote an employee they know well than a random applicant they don't know much about.
Continue Your Education. If your company offers opportunities for professional development classes, take advantage of as many as you can. If your skills need updating or advancing, take continuing education or college classes. This way, your technical skills will be top level.
继续深造。如果您公司提供机会让您参加职业发展课程,那么尽可能多利用这样的机会。 如果你的技能还需要更新或提高,那么报名成人教育或者去大学进修吧。这样,你的技能会一直是顶级的。