While the holidays might seem like a slow period for hiring, career experts say the season also presents an opportunity for job applicants to make an impression.


"Around the holidays, many job seekers are preoccupied with family gatherings and other distractions that keep them away from their searches," says Shawn Graham, author of "Courting Your Career" and director of MBA career services at the University of Pittsburgh. "As a result, the volume of applications for non-seasonal work is often lighter -- and that gives you, as a candidate, a greater chance of being seen."

匹兹堡大学的MBA职业发展办公室的主任以及《追求你的职业》一书的作者Shawn Graham说:“在假期时间,很多求职者都因为家庭聚会或其他的事情使他们在求职上分心。最后的结果就是产生了非季节性的工作职位空缺,而这会让身为求职者的你有很大的机会表现自己。”

Adds Mary Rosenbaum, a career coach and personal branding strategist at Your Career by Design, "Most companies work on their strategic plans during the fourth quarter and tend to be more open to a variety of potential hires that might fit with their strategic goals for the coming year."

“Your Career by Design,”公司的职业教练兼个人品牌策略师Mary Rosenbaum补充说:“大部分公司都会在第四季度制定战略规划,并且会招聘更多适合他们下一年战略目标实现的候选人。”

Industries that use a bonus structure, like legal or financial firms, also anticipate turnover during the first quarter, because some employees leave after collecting their annual bonus.


So, how can job seekers stand out during the holiday season? Here are four ways to start:


Call during off hours.


"As the holidays approach, people are in and out of the office, and those who are at work often use that time to play catch up," says Graham. "Recruiters could use that time to give applicants of interest a longer look."

“因为假期将近,在办公室或不在办公室的人,以及上班的人都会利用下班时间来赶计划。招聘人员可能会用下班时间给有兴趣的候选人更长的应聘时间。” Graham如是说。

Since support staff may be out of the office, job seekers have a better chance of reaching an actual hiring manager or recruiter. One of the ways Graham suggests reaching managers when they aren't running in and out of meetings is to call before the start of the business day or after 5 p.m.


Avoid holiday gimmicks.


Some job seekers use cutesy ideas like sending a plate of Christmas cookies along with a cover letter or printing their resumes on holiday paper in the hopes that they'll get noticed. But Graham and Rosenbaum warn that these gimmicks can backfire.

有的求职者为了引起招聘者的注意,会想一些做作的主意,比如在发送求职信的时候附送一篮圣诞饼干或用假日纸张打印简历。但是Graham 和Rosenbaum都警告说这些小聪明可能会起反作用。

"I'm not a fan of the holiday-inspired gimmick ploys," says Graham. "It's better to be more conservative. Make sure the content of your email is written persuasively and impact fully." By focusing on your skills rather than gimmicks, you also won't have to worry about offending people who celebrate different holidays.


Use events to build relationships, not beg for a job.


Holiday parties, end-of-the-year conferences, and other events all afford opportunities for networking. But job seekers can also organize holiday drinks with people they want to connect or reconnect with, since people tend to be more open to socializing during this time of year.


"Get people together for holiday drinks at Joe's Pub or something," suggests Rosenbaum. "The idea right now is to have more face time and build a relationship. What you should be doing now during the holiday time is contacting them in a way that puts them on a more equal footing." She adds that if you're unsure about someone's holiday traditions, you can simply offer their family your best.

“假日的时候,邀请大家一起来乔伊酒吧或其他地方喝喝茶。” Rosenbaum建议说。“如今的想法是有更多的见面时间来建立关系。如今,你在假期要做的事情就是,找机会以一种更加平等的地位和他们建立联系。”她还补充说如果你对某个人的假日习惯不确定的话,你可以为他们整个家庭提供最好的假日活动。

Don't lose focus.


Staying motivated during the holidays could give you can edge over those applicants who put their search on hold. According to Graham, "The biggest thing is to keep at it. Around the holidays, it's easy to get caught up in all the distractions. Set aside that time every day and continue to look for opportunities."


Says Rosenbaum, "The idea is for people not to assume that because it's the holiday season that they shouldn't redouble their efforts. This is a really good time of year. People are much more willing to go out for drinks and spend a little more time. Use this time to forge relationships, not just look for the job."