According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, every major occupational group, with the exception of farming and fishing occupations, are expected to gain jobs in the next 10 years. That being said, the possibilities are endless when it comes to picking your future career. Whatever your personality or interests, you can find your niche in one of the many growing markets today.
Physician assistants practice medicine under the supervision of doctors and surgeons. Becoming a physician assistant requires a master’s degree in nursing. The median pay is $90,930 per year. RNs coordinate with doctors and provide care and emotional support for patients. To become a nurse you need a diploma from a nursing program, a B.S. in nursing or A.A. in nursing. As of 2014 the median pay is $65,470. Similar jobs to PAs and RNs include audiologists, EMTs, paramedics, dental hygienists, and midwives.
Physical therapists provide help to improve the mobility of injured or ill people. They are important to the physical rehabilitation of patients with chronic injuries and help with pain management to people who have experienced physical trauma. Physical therapists also work with injury prevention and education. To be a physical therapist you must have a Doctor of Physical Therapy Degree and have a license to practice. The median salary is $79,860 per year as of 2014. Jobs similar to this include audiologists, chiropractors, physical therapist assistants, and speech language pathologists.
物理治疗师帮助伤员和病人复健。他们可以帮助慢性病患者恢复身体健康,或帮助那些经历过身体创伤的病人更好得应对伤痛。物理治疗师还参与伤病预防和教育工作。想要成为物理治疗师,必须有物理治疗博士学位,并有执业执照。 2014年,该岗位中位数工资为每年79860美元。与此类似的工作包括听力学家,脊椎按摩师,物理治疗师助理和语言病理学家。
Brickmasons use natural and man-made stones to build fences, walkways, and structures. Though some hold higher degrees, most masons primarily learn through apprenticeship or on the job training. In 2014 the median salary is $44,950 per year. Similar occupations include construction work, carpentry, terrazzo work.
砌砖工使用天然和人造石头建造围栏,人行道和结构。在砌砖工里,虽然有些人有大学学历,但大多数人主要通过师徒传承或在职培训的方式掌握技能。 2014年,该岗位中位数工资为每年44950美元。相似的职业包括建筑工,木工,水磨石工。
Occupational therapists help injured or ill patients recover and improve the skills they need for living by therapeutically working through everyday tasks. Becoming an occupational therapist typically requires a master’s degree in occupational therapy, though in some cases a B.A. in psychology may be accepted. All occupational therapists are required to be licensed or registered. The median pay as of 2014 is $75,400 annually. Similar jobs include physical therapists, occupational therapy assistants, and exercise psychologists.
Personal Financial Advisors give financial advice to their clients. They help with taxes, investments, insurance, and monetary decisions. To be a financial planner you need a bachelor’s degree, but higher degrees and certificates help increase chance of employment and increase in client base. The median salary in 2014 is $67,520 per year. Similar careers include budget analysts, financial analysts, financial managers, and insurance agents.
个人财务顾问为客户提供财务建议。他们帮客户制定税收,投资,保险和货币决定。想要成为财务规划师,至少需要学士学位,但更高学位和证书有助于增加就业机会,扩展增加客户群体。 2014年该岗位工资中位数为每年67520美元。类似的职业包括预算分析师,财务分析师,财务经理和保险代理。
With the growing emphasis on computer technology, app development, and data communications, cyber buffs are in full demand. Software developers generally have a bachelor’s degree in computer science and an in depth knowledge of computer programming tools and language. The median pay as of 2014 is $93,350 per year. Similar jobs include computer and information research scientists, computer hardware engineers, computer programmers, computer application engineers, and computer systems analysts.
随着对计算机技术,应用程序开发和数据通信越来越受到重视,市场非常需要网络精通人士。软件开发人员通常需要有计算机科学学士学位,并对计算机编程工具和语言的深入了解。 2014年工资中位数为每年93350美元。 类似的工作包括计算机和信息研究科学家,计算机硬件工程师,计算机程序员,计算机应用工程师和计算机系统分析师。
Management Analysts brainstorm and plan ways to improve a company’s efficiency. They make recommendations on how to make organizations most profitable and are oftentimes responsible for budget and revenue goals. Most management analysts usually have a bachelor’s degree, but this is not required. The median salary is $78,600 per year as of 2014. Similar occupations include accountants, auditors, budget analysts, administrative services managers, market research analysts, and business executives.
Teachers are responsible for the education of students within their field. There are tons of different types of teachers, but the ones with the highest projected growth are preschool teachers and college instructors. Education requirements for a preschool teacher vary by school and state, ranging from high school diploma to a college degree. Their median salary in 2014 is $27,130 per year. College instructors require more formal education and often require a master’s degree. Their median salary in 2014 is $68,970 per year. Similar jobs include high school teachers, anthropologists, special education teachers, historians, and economists.
Technical writers prepare journal articles, instruction manuals, and supporting documents essential to the communication of complex information. They are responsible for researching and developing technical information for customers, designers, and manufacturers. Technical writers generally have a college degree, but knowledge and experience with the technical subject is more important. The median wage is $65,500. Similar careers include editors, interpreters, public relations specialists, and fundraising managers.
Medical scientists aim to improve overall health by conducting research, clinical trials, and investigative methods. Medical scientists almost always require a Ph.D. in biology or life science. The median pay is $76,980 per year. Similar jobs include agricultural and food scientists, biochemists, epidemiologists, and healthy educators.