The New Year is a great excuse to define and refine your productivity. As I say in The Productive Bite-Sized Entrepreneur, "Productivity is a cycle, not a sprint." In other words, you can choose any milestone - your birthday, your new business quarter, your new client - to reset your priorities and get focused.

Here are four sure-fire ways to get killer productivity

1. Delete email from phone
1. 删除手机邮件

Crazy, right? I personally know successful entrepreneurs, and have heard of many more, who have deleted their email app off of their smartphones. The result is that they aren't incessantly checking their email when they should be working, thinking or listening. They also, consciously or not, offload unnecessary work, as they know they won't be immediately available once they leave the office.

Keep in mind that you can usually check email through your web browser, so you won't be completely off grid. However, the extra steps necessary to check your email will slow you down, if not completely stop you from mindlessly being distracted.

2. Kill notifications
2. 关闭通知提醒

Again, we've become custom to push notifications - but before smartphones, we had to pull info to us by opening up an application. The problem is that notifications are becoming more aggressive, and that buzzing in your pocket often doesn't differentiate between an urgent work correspondence and a coupon for a local business.

Turn off all your notifications and your phone will only buzz for phone calls and, if you like, texts.

3. Schedule social media times
3. 安排社交媒体时间

Scheduled social times isn't just for introverts! In fact, planning concrete times to be online can stop time wasted on social media. Dedicating only, say, 30 minutes to your favorite platform every day will also make you more productive on the network.

For more strategy, check out my previous Inc. column on mastering social media.

4. Prioritize only three things
4. 只优先安排三件事

You have a list of twenty things to do today? Cut it in half. Then do it again. It may take a few minutes, but you'll realize how many of today's tasks are superfluous or can be delegated.

On my roughest days, I have only one task. And it is amazing how quickly that one task gets done - priming me for the next task on the list.