1. Brag about salary


  If your new job has resulted in a significant pay increase, that’s good for you. However, it’s rude and inappropriate to share that information with your new co-workers. So keep your happy news to yourself. Remaining tight-lipped may help you avoid resentment and unnecessary strife.


  2. Bad-mouth your former employer


  It’s not OK to speak poorly of your former employer. This will leave a very bad impression on your workmates. Even if you worked for the worst company, and you still harbor some resentment, you need to keep quiet about your true feelings. Gossip is just not classy.


  3. Express desperation


  Even if you were on the brink of losing your home and you just finished clearing out your life savings before getting this job, don’t let everyone in the office know that. Oversharing is unprofessional. It might even cause others to treat you poorly because they’ll know that you would do anything to keep your job because you’re in a financial bind. Just be (quietly) grateful for the opportunity, and leave it at that. You can show your gratitude by getting to the office on time each day and doing good work.


  4. Spend half the day decorating your new space


  You’re moving into a new office, not an apartment. Don’t start arranging chair pillows. Being too concerned with how your space looks shows that your focus is in the wrong place.