1. The view over a valley of a tiny village with thatched(草盖的) roof cottages around a church; a drive through a narrow village street lined with thatched cottages painted pink or white; the sight over the rolling hills of a pretty collection of thatched farm buildings——these are still common sights in parts of England.
2. Competition is not only good in itself, it is the means by which other basic American values such as individual freedom, equality of opportunity, and hard work are protected.
3. The function of teaching is to cerate the conations and the climate that will make it possible for children to devise the most efficient system for teaching themselves to read.
4. Learning to read is made easier when teachers create an environment where children are given the opportunity to solve the problem of learning to read by reading.
5. The source of this interference remains unconfirmed, but increasingly, experts are pointing the blame at portable electronic devices such as portable computers, radio and cassette players and mobile telephones.
6. And although some airlines prohibit passengers from using such equipment during take-off and landing, most are reluctant to enforce a total ban, given that many passengers want to work during flights.
7. The rise of multinational corporations, global marketing, new communications technologies, and shrinking cultural differences have led to an unparalleled increase in global public relation or PR.
8. The progress from a rattle used by a baby in 3000 BC to one used by an infant today, however, is not characterized by inventiveness.
9. Bent stripes, called chevrons painted on the roads make drivers think that they are driving faster than they really are, and thus drivers slow down.
10. Therefore, the task for DDB Needham was to encourage consumers to consider other aspects of train in order to change their attitudes and increase the likelihood that trains would be considered for travel in the west.
11. With socialists demanding an end to‘wage slavery’anarchists singing the praises of the virtues of dynamite, middle-of-the-roaders like Samuel Gompers and McGuire.
12. The quick adoption of the scheme may have indicated less about the state lawmaker’s respect for working people than about a fear of risking their anger.
13. In the old days, children  birth and death as part of life. This is perhaps the first generation of American youngsters who have never been close by during the birth of a baby and have never experienced the death of a family member.
14. We found out that patients who had been dealt with openly and frankly were better able to cope with the approach of death and finally to reach a true stage of acceptance prior to death.
15. The statuses we assume often vary with the people we encounter, and change through life.
16. This means that we fit out actions to those of other people based on a constant mental process of appraisal and interpretation.
17. I would keep putting my dream to the test-even though it meant living with uncertainty and fear of failure.
18. Any attempt to trace the development from the noises babies make to their first spoken words…”
19. This self-imitation leads on to deliberate imitation of sounds made to them by other people.”
20. Psychologists take opposing views of how external rewards, from warm praise to cold cash, affect motivation and creativity.