be thirsty for promotion 渴望晋升

enrich one’s (work) experience丰富自己的(工作)经验

take over sb.’s position接替某人的职位

head / lead a company领导一个公司

fill in an application form填申请表

unbearable workload难以承受的工作量

compete for… position / job竞争以得到……的职位 / 工作

manage one’s time flexibly灵活地管理自己的时间

renew contact with sb.与某人恢复接触 / 交往

(do) administrative work(做)管理工作

staff shortage 人员不足 / 短缺

improve (its administrative) efficiency提高(其管理)效率

utilize (its retried employees’) resources利用(退休员工)资源

coordinate work among… 协调……间的工作

have an impressive reputation具有很好的声誉

the right candidate for the position该职位合适的人选

shift the work time for sb. 给某人轮换工作时间

basic salary基本工资

collective efforts共同努力

phased retirement阶段性退休

take the place of代替,取代,交换

distinguish oneself in… 在……领域使自己杰出、扬名

gain reputation出名

a shaky start一个不稳定 / 稳固的开始

job resume 工作简历

be very impressive 印象很深刻

first impression 第一印象

hand in resume 投简历

drop off one’s resume / CV投简历

apply for a job 申请工作

help-wanted section 招工广告栏

the want ads 招聘广告

a teacher certificate 教师资格认证

job-hunting 找工作

job interview 工作面试

application letter 求职信

fill in / out application form 填写申请表

position / post / offer / vacancy / opening 职位

accept / take the post 接受职位

turn down / refuse 拒绝

keep waiting for the response 等待回音

useful / past experience 有用的/过去的工作经验

experience in the position 职业经验

professional expertise 专业技能

appeal to sb. 对某人很有吸引力

be equally competent for job 同样能够胜任工作

easy to get along with 容易与人相处

meet and make new friends 结交新朋友

pay offer 工资待遇

working / office time 工作时间

full scope to show one’s ability 充分发挥个人能力

TA(teaching assistant) 助教

sales / marketing manager 销售经理

stack of papers 成堆的文件

further talk 进一步谈判

immediate boss 顶头上司

count the days until retirement 退休倒计时

night shift 夜班

unemployment 失业

dismissal 开除,解雇

overtime / extra hours 加班

bring her capability into fuller play 充分发挥她的能力

invisible train platforms 隐形火车月台

spoil my excitement 毁掉我的(创作)激情

best-selling novels 畅销小说

come up with the names 起名字

pop out of her childhood dreams 从她童年的梦中找到灵感

Advertising section 广告部

an impressive reputation 声誉不错

right candidate for this position 职位的合适候选人

head broker 经纪人经理

stock market 股票市场

deal with the clients on the daily basis 每天与客户打交道

handle accounts 处理账务

report to sb. 向某人汇报

benefits package 福利方案

paid vacation 带薪假期

Personnel Department 人事部

resign from one’s position 辞职

exchange information 交流信息

job prospects 职业前景

advertising strategies 广告策略

stay competitive 保持竞争力

human resources 人力资源

commercials 商业广告

keep ahead of 领先于

draw up a budget 做出预算

strong business competition 激烈的商业竞争

lower the cost of… 降低……成本

electronics company 电子公司

recruit graduate students 招聘研究生

switch his work time 调换他的工作时间

pay your own way 为你的选择付出代价

annual check-up 年检

make off with sth. 携某物出逃

marketing consultant 营销顾问

staff shortages 人员短缺

administrative efficiency 行政效率

off season 淡季

one’s failure to do sth.某人做某事失败