HINTS: "Music expressed its times," says sociologist Irving Horowitz. house (16s处。发音略怪~筒子不要学><) Newsweek Bush 温馨提示: 写完单词就换行写句子~ 单词首字母不必大写~ 句首字母要大写哦~ e.g. adhere China will adhere to an independent and peaceful foreign policy in dealing with international affairs.
sociologist "Music expressed its times," says sociologist Irving Horowitz. spacious I want to live in a spacious house. subscribe I subscribed to Newsweek. subsidiary The question of finance is subsidiary to the question of whether the project will be approved. surpass Though we thought that we might lose in the first round, the result surpassed our hopes. tempt Money and beauty tempted him to commit crime. terrorism Bush said both countries love freedom and together they will fight against terrorism. tow If you park your car here the police may tow it away. transition The transition from planned economy to share system is certainly a painstaking course.
社会学家 “音乐表现其时代”,社会学家欧文•霍洛威茨说。 宽敞的,广阔的 我想住在一栋宽敞的房子里。 订阅;捐款 我订阅《新闻周刊》。 附属的;辅助的 财政问题是该项目能否获准的附带问题。 超越;胜过 尽管我们认为可能在首轮即遭淘汰,但结果比所期望的要好。 诱惑;引起 金钱和美色诱使他走上了犯罪的道路。 恐怖主义;恐怖行动 布什说两个国家都热爱自由,两国将携手并肩打击恐怖主义。 拖;牵引 如果你把车停在这儿,警察会把它拖走。 过渡;转变 从计划经济到股份制的过渡自然是个艰难的过程。