450)=450"> BEC词汇分为初级、中级、高级,词汇主要针对商务英语专业、商务语境,也让备考BEC的考生能够准确快速记忆相关单词 只需听写英文单词,中文不用写,一个单词或者词组之间需要空行再进行下一个单词或者词组的听写 译文有单词搭配和常用的商业用语
commercialize commit commitment comparable compare comparison complaint complete complex concentration concern confront
【搭配】commit suicide 自杀 commit a crime 犯罪 commit sb./ oneself to (doing) sth. 专心致志于(做)某事 commit oneself 使承担义务,使承诺 commit to 把...托付给,把...置于 【搭配】commitment to sth. to do sth. 承担... fulfill one's commitment 履行某人的诺言 【商业】comparable prices 可比价格 【搭配】be comparable with/to 与... 相似 【搭配】compare sth./sb. with sth. / sb. 将...与...作比较 compare sth. / sb. to sth. / sb. 将...比作... 【搭配】make comparisons 作比较 in comparison with 与....比较起来 by comparison 比较来看 beyond comparison 无可比拟地 【商业】complaint department 顾客意见接待处 make a complaint 提出投诉 【商业】complete audit 全部审计,详细审计 complete balance sheet 综合资产负债表 complete budgetary control 全面预算控制 complete report 完工报告 【搭配】complex system 复杂的体系 a complex problem 一个复杂的问题 a complex web of relationships 错综复杂的关系网 【商业】concentration of offers 集中报盘 【搭配】concentration camp 集中营 concentration on doing sth. 集中精力做... 【搭配】public concern 公共关注 everyday concern 日常事务 be concerned about / with / to 对...关心,关切,挂念 concern oneself with sth. 使自己关心... as / so far as... be concerned 就...而言 【搭配】be confronted with 面临,面对