1 My dad at home and at work
He comes home, has a shower.
And eats dinner, every day.
Now, he’s sitting in his favourite chair.
He's reading the paper
And watching television.
Soon he'll go to bed.
He's a boring man, my dad.

And then one day I see him,
On the building site, at work.
He's high up, in the clouds, up in the air.
He's making a building.
He's fixing a crane, so clever.
He's working higher than the birds,
He's walking on a narrow plank,
Not scared, not scared like me.
He's a super man, my dad.

2 My school
For your homework, write a poem.
You said to us, Miss Li.
I wrote these verses on my own,
I hope you're pleased with me.

I want to talk about the school
I loved when I was small.
With lots of little boys and girls,
Tow teachers and a hall.

Mr Black was sometimes cross:
“Silence! Pay attention!"
He scolded pupils in his class,
And put them in detention.

But Miss White was like you, Miss Li,
She helped in every way.
She loved chatting with her class,
Her lessons seemed like play!

If you’re puzzled by my words,
I can explain, Miss Li.
The staff and students were not real.
They're little dolls, you see


1. Mr. Black was sometimes cross... 布莱克先生有时脾气不好…。…
句中的cross作形容词,意为“十分愤怒的;脾气不好的”。cr。ss也可作动词,意为“穿越;穿过”。,如:cross the r。ad(穿过马路)。
2. Silence Pay attention! 安静!请注意!
句中的pay作动词,当和某些名词结合使用时,表示将要做或将付出某事物。在7B Unit 2 曾学过pay for the tickets,pay意为“付费”。
3. Her lessons seemed like play! 上她的课很轻松!
The little boy is playing with a toy plane.小男孩在玩一架玩具飞机。


Never a dull moment
If you like to keep lively.
If you hte being bored.
Just come down to our house
And knock on the door.

It's the noisiest house
In the whole of our town.
There's doors always slamming
And thing falling down.

There's my dad,whos keeps shouting.
And my mum,whos breaks things,
The baby(who'll bite you!)
And our dog running rings.

There's my sister the screamer
And my brother who roars,
And a grandpa who's stone deaf
(He's the one who slams doors)

So come down to our house.
You don't need the address.
You'll hear it ten miles away
And the outside's a mess.

You won't mind the racket,
You'll just love the din --
For there's never a dull moment
In the house we live in!

Tony Bradman