1 Chimerica 中美共同体   The interrelated elements of the Chinese and American economies , particularly the Chinese supply of credit to America and the American purchase of cheap Chinese food . (Blend of China and American)  这个词特指经济领域上的中美融合  

例句1 Between 1998 and 2007 , Chimerica accounted for about 40 percentage of global economic growth .

例句2 Whether they like it or not , China and the US will be stuck with Chimerica for a long time .

2 HENRY 亨利族 A person with a substantial income who is not yet wealthy ( From the phrase High Eamer, Not Rich Yet ) 这个词选自财富杂志,是指高薪但非富者,赚的多花的也多。

例句1 You are not poor, of course. But with high taxes and the all-around high cost of living , you are certainly don't feel rich either . Most of you are "HENRYs". 

例句2 I'm a HENRY ; my bonus is shameful , but I worked hard to get it .

3 peanut-buttering 涂花生酱似的 Spreading the resources of a company of person too thin 这个词特指把时间 金钱 精力同时放在几件事上,结果却一事无成,一个人或公司把资源放在太多地方

例句1 Google should create fewer products and make less investments .They are doing too much and peanut-buttering everything .
谷歌应该少研发些新产品,少做些投资。他们做得太泛了, 涂花生酱似的做所有事

例句2 Many new business owners don't realize the risk of peanut-buttering their capital .