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I'm afraid we really need to finish the project as soon as possible. If we don't keep to the schedule, the delay could lose us our external funding. Losing that could lead to various problems, including salaries not being paid on time. Don't forget as well that the budget depends on us finishing by the end of the summer. No, we need to keep to our original plans and keep that money coming in. As you can see, the figures speak for themselves - our model EXG surpassed all forecasts in its first year. Because of our competitive pricing policy, it has been selling extremely well. However, we want to extend this trend and build on it. We now need to come up with a campaign to make sure we increase the number of models we sell abroad, not just on the domestic market. Japan is our main target. Right, let's see where we've gotten to. We've agreed to recognise when staff have worked hard and achieved their goals. Sales need to have done reasonably well in their area - ideally better than the forecasts while keeping within budget. And, if we feel a person is worth substantial investment, we can go with a five-per-cent pay rise, as well as offering a bonus in exceptional circumstances. The figures show quite clearly that we didn't reach the target we set last year. If anything, I think we ought to cut back on spending, at least for the next few months. If sales pick up in the new year and we manage to add new clients to our base, maybe we can think about buying more estate and equipment then. If I may say so, we have to be realistic. What were last year's figures? Hm. Not too good, I see - sales in the US were down, but it looks as though they were more or less constant in Asia. However, the worldwide market's pretty buoyant at the moment, forecasts do seem more optimistic, and our investment looks sound, so yeah, let's go along with that - we'll allocate $400,000 for the first quarter. That's an eight-per-cent increase on last year - we should be able to keep within that.