Business requires its own sort of etiquette, not only in person but in writing as well. A business invitation differs greatly from a personal invitation. The style and tone of a business invitation is much more professional and precise than a common invitation. Moreover, business invitations must be direct, complete and to the point. The proper business invitation consists of a few basic and necessary elements.



How to Write a Business Invitation?

1.Begin typing your invitation by beginning your salutationwith  a colon as business etiquette dictates, such as Dear (Name of Recipient):

2. Personalize the business invitation to each invitee. You can do this by thanking the invitee for a recent phone conversation or business consultation. Personalizing business invitations makes the invitees feel valued and sets a positive tone in advance.

3. Discuss the purpose of the invitation. Describe exactly what the event will be, the nature of the event, the purpose of the event, where it will be held, on what day it will be held and at what time it will be held. Identify any notable people who will be in attendance and provide a phone number and directions to the location.

4. Request the guest to RSVP by a certain time and date. Provide a phone number or address where the invitee can confirm his attendance.
4、要求客人回复一个特定的时间和日期(RSVP=please reply,源自法语,意思是请回复)。提供联络电话号码和出席地址,确保被邀请者能出席。

5. End your business invitation with "Regards," or "Looking forward to your attendance," and print your name, title and department.

6. Print the business invitation on ivory vellum paper for a classy touch. Hand-sign each invitation beneath your printed name.

Formal invitation letter template for the event

Dear Mr./Ms. 

We would like to invite you to attend the located at on at***.

The event is prepared  in the intention to show our acknowledgment to our most important.Therefore this will be an outstanding opportunity for us to show appreciation of your business, but it the sample time to strenghten our cooperation.

Please come early so that we can find a comfortable seat for you.We would appreciate if you can attend this event as you are one of out top.

Please let us know if you are attending the event or not by*** .

Hoping for your presence on that day. We look forward meeting you.


Yours ***