A Chinese scenic park is suing US film studio Paramount Pictures over a product placement gone wrong, in the latest controversy to bedevil Hollywood’s love affair with China.The organisation said the omission violates an agreement with Paramount, though the studio’s Chinese partners said the nature park did not deliver the required payment on time, resulting in a rushed production schedule.


植入式广告(Product Placement),又称“embedded marketing(植入营销)”、“品牌植入(brand placement)” 或 “品牌娱乐(branded entertainment)”,是指把产品及其服务具有代表性的视听品牌符号融入影视或舞台产品中的一种广告方式,给观众留下相当的印象,以达到营销目的。植入式广告是随着电影、电视、游戏等的发展而兴起的一种广告形式,它是指在影视剧情、游戏中刻意插入商家的产品或标识,以达到潜移默化的宣传效果。由于受众对广告有天生的抵触心理,把商品融入这些娱乐方式的做法往往比硬性推销的效果好得多。


The export success of South Korea's TV dramas has spawned a hard-selling world of branded entertainment that uses product placement to push everything from smartphones to lipsticks.

Chevrolet is leaning hard on product placement in Transformers 4: Age Of Extinction to get the Chinese market fired up about their product.

As is apparent from Paramount's epic effort to woo Chinese filmgoers and sponsors with Beijing scenes and product placement in “Transformers,” the world's most populous nation has become vital to the fortunes of Hollywood studios.