It was the kind of reaction usually reserved for when the presses at a venerable newspaper are switched off or a much-loved television series is scrapped.

Outrage reverberated across the internet and twittersphere on Wednesday after Google announced that Google Reader, its influential service collating feeds from news sites and blogs, would be shut later this year.
周三,当谷歌(Google)宣布将今年7月1日关闭Google Reader之后,因特网和Twitter上到处泛起愤怒之声。Google Reader是谷歌旗下一种收集订阅新闻网站和博客内容功能的颇有影响力的服务。

 “That giant ‘NOOOOOOOO’ sound is the internet’s reaction to Google’s most unpopular decision in – well, as far back as I can remember,” Pete Cashmore at Mashable, the social media news site, tweeted.
社交网站新闻博客Mashable的皮特•凯什莫尔(Pete Cashmore)表示:“如此巨大的反对声,是互联网对谷歌这项决定的反应——这是我能记起来的谷歌最不受欢迎的一项决定。”

The irony was evident as the outpouring of indignation flowed through social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook, services whose popularity contributed to the fate of the humble Reader.
非常有讽刺意味的是,人们用以表达愤怒的工具恰恰是Twitter和 Facebook等社交网站,而这类网站的流行却是导致Reader命运不济的部分原因。

Launched in 2005 before Twitter, the iPhone and apps, Google Reader provided a simple way for users to bring together feeds from news sites in an email-like inbox. Although lacking a conversational element, it became kind of an early social network with a deeply loyal community of users sharing articles and blogs.
谷歌在2005年推出了Google Reader,比Twitter、iPhone以及其他应用程序还要早。通过这项服务,用户在一个类似于电子邮件的收件箱里接收订阅自不同新闻网站的内容。尽管没有提供对话功能,它还是成为了一种早期的社交网络,忠实用户在上面分享文章和博客。

As the internet became more consumer friendly, social media sites such as Twitter drew a broader audience with rapid news output, punchy exchanges and greater ease of use. Some content providers also limited the amount of material that could be accessed by Reader users.

In a post on the company’s blog, Google said Reader would be shut on July 1 as part of “spring cleaning”.“We launched Google Reader in an effort to make it easy for people to discover and keep tabs on their favourite websites. While the product has a loyal following, over the years usage has declined,” the company said.Though beloved by bloggers and news junkies, Reader has received little love from Google since a design refresh in October 2011. Instead, the search group has focused on Google Plus, the social network launched in June 2011 to compete with sites such as Facebook on a new social model for content.

Google does not disclose details on the usage of Reader. However, ComScore says use of the Google Reader mobile app in the US peaked at 665,000 unique visitors in October last year, falling to 492,000 in January. Twitter has 200m active registered users.
谷歌并没有透露Reader使用情况的细节。然而,ComScore指出,去年10月,Google Reader移动应用程序在美国的独立访问者达到了66.5万的峰值,但在今年1月份又降到了49.2万。对比之下,Twitter的活跃注册用户就达到了两亿人。

Much of the anger from Reader users stems from a large investment in time building their individualised service. For some, it was reminder that while they could use such a technology, they did not own it.