The House of Representatives voted Tuesday night to approve a Senate bill to avert a feared fiscal cliff.The measure that sought to maintain tax cuts for most Americans but increase rates on the wealthy passed the Democratic-led Senate overwhelmingly early in the day.


财政悬崖(fiscal cliff),全称美国财政悬崖(United States fiscal cliff)是由美国联邦储备局( the Federal Reserve)主席伯南克于2012年2月7日在国会听证会上首次提出,是指美国将在2013年1月1日同时出现税收增加与开支减少局面。如果国会两党不能在2012年达成协议规避这一局面,减支增税措施将自动生效,2013年美国将增加5320亿美元税收,同时减少1360亿美元政府开支。最新消息,美国国会参议院此前通过的解决“财政悬崖”议案已于北京时间1月2日在众议院投票并获得通过,为解决“财政悬崖”消除了一道关键的法律障碍。


Global markets have surged on the first trading day of the new year in relief that the US had stepped back from the fiscal cliff, propelling the FTSE 100 above the 6000 level for the first time since July 2011.

Obama acknowledged that the "messy nature" of the process over the past several weeks in resolving the "fiscal cliff" has made businesses more uncertain and consumers less confident.