Is it OK to split infinitives?

Most split infinitives follow this model – an adverb is put between “to” and the verb. But you also get compound split infinitives where more than one word is put between “to” and the verb, for example: If they make me a partner I can expect my salary to more than double.

So is it correct English to split infinitives?

This has been a subject of debate for many years. Until relatively recently the consensus was that splitting infinitives is not good style. Nowadays, however, most linguists and grammarians accept that users of English do habitually split infinitives and therefore it is not wrong to do so. This comes largely as a result of the change from the strict prescriptive approach to grammar to an attitude that says usage should determine rules. Also, there are times when your writing will be more fluent and your meaning will be clearer if you do split an infinitive.

So, my answer is yes – it is OK to split infinitives.