Reading 1 hour
  Questions 1 - 8
  l Look at the sentences below and at the five managers' comments on leadership on the opposite page
  l Which new item (A, B, C ,D or E) dose each statement 1 - 8 refer to ?
  l For each statement ! - 8 , make one letter(A, B, C ,D or E) on your Answer Sheet .
  l You will need to use some of these letters more than once .
  Example :
  0 Someone has left a competitor to join this company.
  0A B C D E
  1 Successful leadership involves making sure that employees accept new ideas.
  2 A good leader can bring success to a company in difficulties
  3 Leaders should be assessed on the basis of their achievements
  4 The personalities of good leaders are generally different from those of other managers
  5 Patience is a valuable quality in a successful leader
  6 Leaders consider potential changes in what their company does for others
  7 Good leaders will encourage their staff if their organization is in difficulties
  8 Leaders need to adapt their behaviour to suit different circumstances
  Maurizio Verna
  Long-term, visionary business leaders must be prepared to invest to get what they want for their company. They know when and how to apply pressure and to take risks, when they need to display a more hands-off approach. I have a pretty clear view of my ideal business leader, and of course that's where I ‘m trying to head: he or she should start up and grow a cash-rich, multi-interest international organization of tremendous strength and depth.
  Sue Tucker
  The pace of technological change, and the rate at which businesses are changing , requires leaders to have a particular aptitude for technology and an understanding of the internet. A lot of people are aware of the opportunities here ,but awareness alone isn't enough: in a true leader this needs to be coupled with clever marketing, product design and technological innovation, and keeping abreast of everything going on in the company. In fact the acid test , I think , is being able to use all of these skills to turn around a failing company.
  Carol Godfrey
  Effective leaders stand out from the herd. They're often idiosyncratic, even eccentric.They have the confidence to be themselves, and not to adopt the language and attributes of the run-of-the-mill professional managers and accountants. What's crucial is having the charisma or whatever it is that gives their staff confidence in them, so they can keep everyone on board when they want to make innovations. So often these don't get off the ground because of lack of leadership, because after all, our response to change is significantly affected by how it's introduced.
  Brian Matthews
  Leadership is about making things happen and being judged by results. Good ideas that go nowhere are a waste of time. Anticipate needs-those of customers for instance-and initiate action to meet those needs before the people concerned have even recognized they've got them. That way you'll always be ahead of the game, whatever line you're in. For instance, top stockbrokers will learn all about you and your business and keep themselves completely up to date with your field in order to advise you. If they're really good they ‘ll recognize trends even before you do .
    Ana Costa
  Outstanding leaders understand both tactics and strategy, and are prepared to play a very long game to achieve their objectives. They understand that in negotiations they need the " win-win" concept, because losers risk losing their dignity, which is no good for your long-term business relationship with them. Leaders must stay optimistic, whatever the odds, and keep up morale of their company, even when the going's tough. It's important to be very much hands-on, too. A good leader will champion ideas that keep the company in the forefront