Questions 1-7
  . Read these sentences and the following business index.
  . Which advisor each sentence (1-7) describe?
  . For each sentence mark one letter (A, B,C,D or E) on your Answer Sheet.
  The company invests a large sum of money in high technology.
  Answer: E
1. It is engaged in the expansion of a telecommunications line.
  2. No other steel industries have such a high rating.
  3. The company is the chief holder of a British company’s shares.
  4. As much as forty million U. S. dollars are invested in Taiwan.
  5. It has business transactions with an American company.
  6. The company gets a very high interest rate from its stocks.
  7. Agreements were signed between two companies about technological cooperation.
   A. Telecom Asia Corporation Limited (Thailand )
  -It serves as international advisor in connection with the debt and equity financing for a US $3 billion telephone line expansion project in Bangkok. (Current)
  B. Singapore Telecom international Pte. Ltd. (Singapore)
  - It acquires its 50/00 interest in Cambridge Holding Ltd.,the controlling shareholder of Cambridge Cable Ltd. of the U. K. (6/1992)
  C. Pohang Iron 6 Steel Co.,Ltd. (Korea) .
  In connection with its ratings with Standard & Poor’s and Moody’s investor Services. The company obtained the highest rating of any steel company in the world. (II/1991)
  D. Goldstar Co.,Ltd. (Korea)
  In its investment in,and technology agreements with,Zenith Electronics of the U. S. -the first transaction of this type in Korea. (2/1991 )
  E. Concord Venture Capital Co., Ltd.(Taiwan)
  -Structured,marketed to investors and made a principal investment in the Fund with total equity of NT $ 940 million(US $ 40 million) to invest in Taiwanese high-technology venture capital opportunities. (I/1991)

  1. A 2. C 3. B 4. E 5. D 6. B 7. D