3. Automated Ice Cream Cone


For the lazy--just stick out your tongue and enjoy. I admit that the present generation is lazy, but lazy enough that they would need an ice-cream cone which revolves by itself? Load the removable dish with ice cream, push the button and the ice cream turns while you enjoy one of the world's most popular treats. Fun for all ages.


4. Duster Cat Slippers


The product itself is simple enough. A set of dusters that would fit into the cat's paws and clean up the house while the cat idles around. That sounds innovative and useful, right? Obviously you'll have to ignore the fact that they lick their anus, then inevitable trying and lick their paws, thus spreading cat anus all over your nice new floor boards.


5. Where's your biscuits?


The biscuits are in the cup. In the base of the cup. In a nice little hole. Keeping warm.