Overqualified? 6 Tips to Shed the Label

In a tight job market midcareer professionals often consider openings that are less lucrative and less prestigious than their last job. Sometimes employers are glad to hire seasoned workers at a bargain, but others dismiss the candidate as "overqualified."

What's behind the overqualified label is an employer's fear that if you're hired, you'll be searching for a better job before you learn where the restrooms are. But if you really want the job, there are ways of countering the perception that you're too good for it.

1. Re-read the job description.  重读工作描述

Just because you earned more and had more responsibility in the past doesn't mean you're overqualified for this job. If you meet or exceed every criterion, consider yourself highly qualified. On the other hand, if you don't meet all the requirements -- you would be using a new technology you've never heard of, for example -- you may actually be underqualified.

"Too many job seekers think, 'If I can do this big thing, then surely I can do those smaller things,'" says Laura DeCarlo of Career Directors International. "Maybe they can do them, but it will be a tougher sell."
Career Directors International公司的Laura DeCarlo说:“许多求职者会这样想‘如果我能做大事情,那么肯定能做这些小事情。也许他们确实可以做到,但是这样却很难让雇主信服。”

2. Fine-tune your resume.  调整你的简历

"A resume is not a document set in stone," says John M. O'Connor, president of Career Pro, Inc. "You should always rewrite your resume to fit that particular job, and that may mean taking down the tone a notch and emphasizing exactly the skills needed in the new job." To tune your resume and cover letter, also consider the company culture and include relevant words, phrases, and technologies, O'Connor adds.
Career Pro, Inc.公司的总裁John M. O'Connor说:“简历不能一成不变。为了符合每一份特定的工作,你每次都应该重新编辑你的简历。也就是说在找一份新工作的时候,你需要将简历修改为与新工作相符合,并在其中强调新工作所需要的技能。” O'Connor还补充说在你修改简历和求职信时,也要考虑公司的文化,将相关的词汇、短语和技术信息加进去。

3. Don't lie about your history.  不要刻意隐瞒(提及)你的过去

It's true that some screeners go right to the salary in order to weed out the "too expensive" candidates. If you were an executive earning six figures, don't say you were a junior accountant earning $40K. Then again, unless you're filling out an online form that requires your salary history, a sin of omission just to get in the door is fine.

Experts recommend addressing salary in a cover letter or interview by giving a wide range of income you would consider, or by saying you assume the company will pay competitive salary for the job.

"You want to steer the conversation to the tasks of the job and your history of longevity in other companies and away from dollar figures," Barbara Safani, president of Career Solvers, recommends. "If you can explain how previous lateral moves benefited you, that can diffuse their fear you'll be looking for a higher-paying job."
Career Solvers的总裁Barbara Safani推荐:“你应该将面试谈话引导入工作任务以及你在其他公司的资历历史方面,让谈话远离薪资问题。如果你可以说明在以前的公司横向移动给你带来了哪些好处,那么你就可以打消他们认为你在找一份高薪工作的疑惑。

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