IT professional (big company) -- IT professional (smaller company). Large companies have been disproportionately hit with layoffs in a variety of fields, but there are many more opportunities for IT professionals at small firms or start-up companies, Koropeckyj tells. The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows a strong demand for network systems and data communications analysts and computer software engineers, so if prospects at the big firms are drying up, prospects at smaller companies should be growing.

Copywriter/print designer -- project manager. It's more competitive than ever to find a creative job at an ad agency, but many project management positions are opening up, especially for people who understand how to work with tight budgets, according to Megan Slabanski, executive director of The Creative Group.
广告文字撰稿人/印刷设计师—项目经理。The Creative Group 公司的执行董事Megan Slabanski认为,虽然如今在广告公司找到一份富有创造性的工作的竞争压力更大,但是还是有很多的项目管理机会,特别是对于那些懂得如何处理紧张预算的人才机会更多。

"If you have good organizational skills and understanding of an agency, or if you've been in any kind of leadership role, such as bringing in deliverables on time and under budget, you may already have what it takes to land a project management job," Slabanski says.

Auto salesperson -- "repo man." The economy has hurt sales professionals; it also created opportunities for people who repossess cars and other vehicles when buyers have fallen behind on payments. Employment requirements vary from state to state, but in general the bar to entry is not high. In addition, collection agencies have seen a sharp increase in workload, so opportunities for collections agents are increasing. These jobs require a tough skin; but if you have a lot of experience at sales, your ego is probably resilient.

The Common Thread

If there seems to be a theme in job opportunities, there is: making the best of a bad economy. Downsizing is in, both in personal finances and in corporate payrolls. Jobs or careers dedicated to helping people (or companies) better manage their finances, save money, get better value for their dollar, and avoid financial catastrophe should be more plentiful in the short term, Koropeckyj says.