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要求:You are the secretary of a computer hardware company. Write an email to Mr Gatt one of your customers, to apologise for the inconvenience created because he has not received an order. Mr Gatt’s email address is joegatt@webcom.net.mt . You should write between 60 and 80 words.

To: joegatt@webcom.net.mt

Subject: Missing Order

Dear Mr Gatt,
I am sorry to hear about the problems you have been experiencing with the order you placed with us on the 23rd January.[1] I cannot as yet say who is at fault but I assure you there will be a full investigation.[2] Moyra Brown, who is our production assistant, will contact you shortly to arrange suitable compensation for the inconvenience that has been caused.[3]
I would like to apologise once more.[4]
Yours sincerely,
George Hili






要求:You cannot go for basketball practice. Write an email to your coach, George explaining why. George’s address is george.xerri@vmail.com . You should use between 50 and 60 words.

To: george.xerri@vmail.com

Subject: Basketball Practice

Hi George,
I’m really, really sorry but I just can’t make it for basketball practice this evening. We’ve got a biology test tomorrow and I haven’t yet started studying for it. I can’t afford to fail the test, because I already failed the last one.
I promise to make up for it by the next practice session.

*逻辑同上,首先道歉,然后解释原因,然后表明态度、补救措施——I promise to make up for it by the next practice session。由于比较简短,也并不非常正式,最后礼节性的结尾就省去了。


要求:Write an email to Ms Sciberras, the school librarian, apologising for not returning the books on time. The school library email address is library88@gov.mt . You should write between 50 and 60 words.




subjectz: Library Books

Dear Ms Sciberras,
I would like to apologise for not returning the books but I have been away from school for a week because I had the measles. I will not be coming to school for another week or so. I promise I will return the books as soon as I am back.
Thank you.
Anita Borg

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